Entrance Lounge New Profile of the Month Contest - July 2020

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Entrance Lounge New Profile of the Month Contest - July 2020

Post by Teeny » 01 Jul 2020, 08:40

JULY 2020

Each Month, The Entrance Lounge team will award 1 new Anime League member with 3000 AL points for their new profile design!
These AL points will help you get started on saving up for a profile rank bar which can make your profile stand out and look even better on the forum! (More Info Here!)

Please note that this contest is only open to Members who join Anime League in July 2020!

We will be looking out for...
⋆Profile Pictures & Cover Photos⋆
⋆Interests & Hobbies⋆
⋆Favourite TV shows, Movies, Music, Video Games, Books etc!⋆

To be entered into the contest, please comment "I'm in!" 
You have the whole month to change your profile around as you like :)

The Entrance Lounge Team will then look at all entered profiles during the last week of the month.
 The winner will be announced in this thread before the next monthly contest begins.

Remember, you'll only be considered if you are a new member for this month.

For a guide on how to edit a profile on Anime League, Click HERE!

Goodluck everyone!

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