Anime suggestions?

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Anime suggestions?

Post by Nancywilson830 » 19 Feb 2024, 17:30

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 Source: Ceiling Fans Living

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Anime suggestions?

Post by Ojisama » 25 Feb 2024, 23:46

Before I start making any recommendations, it would be useful to know which streaming services you have access to, as this will determine which series you will be able to watch.

Crunchyroll and Hidive are standalone anime streaming services, but other umbrella streamers also carry anime content. Since I am from the UK, I may have to draw on the experience of some of our American members.
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Anime suggestions?

Post by Beex » 26 Feb 2024, 20:16

Kokoro Connect

Beyond The Boundary

More chilling than romantic but they include both

If you want straight up romance hmm....

Boys Over Flowers

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