Does anyone still actively use AOhell as an ISP?

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Does anyone still actively use AOhell as an ISP?

Post by Rich-Allen1976 » 22 Feb 2024, 15:50


Sorry, AOL (America OnLine)

Back in the late 90s they were my second ISP for dial up after ClaraNET, one of THE worst providers I've ever been with, the connection almost never worked, I was frequently on the phone to the Northern Irish call centre, who didn't understand my strong Yorkshire accent.

The only time I ever got full speed was when I was on a 36.3K Modem (remember those?)

I just used to use the CDs they regularly sent through the post as Coffee coasters.

How about you guys?

Are AOL even still in Business over 25 years later?

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Does anyone still actively use AOhell as an ISP?

Post by Beex » 23 Feb 2024, 17:10

Yahoo owns it. Yahoo mail even comes with a "you've got mail" notification sound. You have to set it though, it's not default.

But I'd be surprised if they still provided internet.

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