Yu-Gi-Oh. Popular card returns after 17 years.

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Yu-Gi-Oh. Popular card returns after 17 years.

Post by Ojisama » 19 May 2022, 12:28

Good news.

A number of recent changes to the rules of the Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game includes the reinstatement of a card that has been banned for over 17 yrs.

Change of Heart was moved from the banned list to the limited list, meaning you can now have one card in EITHER your main deck, OR your side deck. Change of Heart allows players to take control of an opponent's monster until the End Phase of their turn and forces their opponent to discard a card from their hand if the player does battle damage to them with the creature.

Other cards moving from Banned to Limited include the trap card Time Seal and the monster cards Jet Synchron, Performapal Monkeyboard and Yata-garasu.

Cyber Angel Benten and Wall of Revealing Light are now classified as semi-limited instead of limited, meaning players can have a maximum of two copies across their various decks.

Also, the recent anime series Yu-Gi-Oh: Go Rush has brought some new mechanics to the trading card game. Rush Duels are played with three monster/trap/spell zones, with the Pendulum and Extra Monster zones being removed. Rush Duels also allows players to Normal Summon as many monsters as they want in a single turn, but all Level 5 or higher monsters still need to be Tribute Summoned.

Source - CBR.com
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Yu-Gi-Oh. Popular card returns after 17 years.

Post by lolin » 20 May 2022, 03:44

did they ban raigeki yet

or harpie's feather duster
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