Lens cap off the BACK of a Nikon D50 camera?

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Lens cap off the BACK of a Nikon D50 camera?

Post by richardallen1976 » 19 Mar 2023, 15:18


Once again I tried to sell an old camera to CEX, they wouldn't take it even though I took the fully charged battery, with the charger, and the lens itself with cap off the front, yet they wanted the cap off the BACK of the camera lens, you what?! It didn't have that when I bought the camera on eBay last year!

So in order to sell it, I've been on eBay and ordered what I think is a rear lens cap for a D50 for £6.49, have I bought the right thing here?

Answers on a post card to the usual address :D 

Either that or the assistant in CEX is a numpty, probably the latter.


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