Jeremy Hunt reckons the over 50s should "go back to work" Pardon?

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Jeremy Hunt reckons the over 50s should "go back to work" Pardon?

Post by richardallen1976 » 28 Jan 2023, 15:03

Is this bloke having a larf?

There are NO jobs, and the few jobs there are, are being taken by people aged between 20 and 30 who've just Graduated from Uni probably with letters after their names.

Joe and Fred Bloggs can't even get a sniff at most jobs because they're considered "too old", for some bizarre reason age-ism isn't yet illegal in the jobs market (and probably never will be, more fool the government) and don't even get me started on the impossibility of a disabled applicant even getting an interview despite some companies trotting out the "guaranteed interview for disabled if you meet the criteria" line (which most of 'em don't mean, it's just a legal requirement under the Equality Act, like just under a month ago, I applied for the Tesco on West St, they said I passed the assessment, and to date they haven't been in touch about any interviews or anything)


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