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A&M Section Guidebook

Post by Expendable » 22 Mar 2022, 15:27

Welcome To The Anime & Manga Section!

Here you can find information about our rules and assistant team. If you have any questions, you can PM any of our section's staff listed at the bottom of this post.

Rules and guidelines

-All content must be appropriate for all ages. No hentai or sexually suggestive content of ANY kind. Not even links.

-Be nice to each other. We will not tolerate bullying or mistreating of anyone. Action will be taken against anyone doing so. It can lead to banning.

-No double posting. I am a bit lenient about this as long as there are 24 hours between each post. But don't do it simply to boost your post count or anything like that.

-No bumping threads. If a thread is dead for more than 3 months and you want to post in it, remake the thread.

-No spoilers. Not everyone has seen what you have. If you are talking about a show, put "SPOILER" in the thread title or use
[ spoiler]content here[ /spoiler]tags. (Remove the leading spaces)

-No Spamming. Stay on topic. If the conversation strays from the topic of discussion, staff may step in.

-Last rule and the most important of them, HAVE FUN!!!! We want you to enjoy yourselves.

Section Tags

These let you know what type of thread you are about to view. These are not required unless it's a spoiler as mentioned above.

[R]=Review, [G]=game, [A]=Anime, [M]=Manga, [D]=Discussion

Staff Members
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