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Light novels chat and recommendations

Posted: 15 May 2020, 22:28
by Ash 'Kaosu' Symonds
Nice light novels list, i have only really gotten more into LNs in the last year. The ones I am currently reading aswell is That time i got reincarnated as a slime (up to volume 7. waiting on volume 8), no game no life (volume 7), sword art online (volume 17), goblin slayer (own up to volume 7 but only read 1 and 2) and on volume 10 of konosuba. Saga of Tanya of the Evil and Re:Zero is on my list, as i really liked the anime. Rising of the shield hero would another great one to add as the anime covers from 1 - 6.

Light novels chat and recommendations

Posted: 07 Jul 2020, 22:37
by Momogari
just bought this ... 1d6b1bfbee

sounds like something I'd enjoy.

Light novels chat and recommendations

Posted: 08 Jul 2020, 00:06
by Lord Myne
I’ve read the first book and enjoyed it. I still need to finish the 2nd book

Light novels chat and recommendations

Posted: 13 Jul 2020, 10:07
by Ekkun
woow, I'm far behind I just started reading LN with -That time I got reincarnated as Slime- but didn't finished the first Vol...
So far I've read Honzuki no Gekokujou ( aka Bookworm series) Up to date (with J-Novel Premium subscription, just mainly for this title. XDD ) Magic & Knights LN  Vol 3, started with the 4th. (Aslo radig the Manga by CR)
@Lord Myne @Momogari  Are you ready for -Last ??- bunch of Chapter of Part 3, Vol 1 !!
:smoke: :smoke:  Didn't I say to make my Abilities average in the next Live?! I've readed further than what has been published in English by Seven Seas. ( i still needing to buy last printed Volume 9 of it). 
JK Haru is a sex worker in Another world Vol 1, sitl like half of Vol 2. 

And also I started with; A wild last Boss appeared!, Vol 1 (J-NC bunch part 3 -about 7-9 chaps-)... and The Magic in this other world is too far behind Vol 1, Started Vol 2. Sexiled, (I've read prologue and Chap 1)

I wanna read: ...
A certain Majutsu no Index ( and sub series) ...
Altina the Sword princess,
Arifureta, and sub-series
If is for my daughter... 
My next live as a Villainess ...
Record of wortenia War
Slayers, [from this I have watched all 3 TV series, but not yet the movies T_T ]
Welcome to Japan Ms. Elf

... and if I manage to finish this, while watching anime, manga and more... Don't know how large my wish list will become. TT__TT

Light novels chat and recommendations

Posted: 27 Sep 2020, 14:53
by Lord Myne
Been to long since I've been back here.

I've read some of the above, but not most of them.

I started Slayers, I've read most of My next life as a Villainess.

I'm currently reading I Refuse to Be Your Enemy! Volume 2 among others

I've been reading quite a variety of LNs as of late.

I Refuse to Be Your Enemy! is an Isekai at least the main character thinks she is. She has dreams and memories of a past life in Japan. Initially she just thought they were dreams. The author definitely stated it's an Isekai though.

I like the approach. This story somewhat of a mix genre but it's Shoujo. It has handsome men who are gentlemen all over in it. The main character is a girl.

A difference though is the main character is a sorcerer or becomes ones, which it hints at the first volume. By the end of it she does become one, bit of a spoiler but I think that's obvious.

The men play heroic roles too of course as warriors mainly.

Now how it isn't a normal Shoujo it's story about war and battles. There aren't many battles of course nor are they the focus. The story evolves more around the girl and her emotions and feeling toward the men. But yes a war is taking place and since the war is what is driving the plot it has a profound influence on events and how they effect her. Anyways I find the story to be interesting and looking forward to reading more of it.

Light novels chat and recommendations

Posted: 27 Sep 2020, 16:46
by Ekkun
Yep, I also started Slayers with nostalgia from having watched the anime. near to catch with what has been published weekly by J-novel.
I also started a shojo or similiar kind of. "I'll never put a feet back on this House" The plot is kind of 18th Century with Magic. where the people at age of twelve awake some "special skills" and the main Character can create any kind of seed. ... I wonder where the plot will drive to.

Also reach reach all j-novel published of " A wild last Boss appeared". This is a Video game based Isekai. with an EXTREMELY OVERPOWER main character ... (quite a trope for this kind of LN's) ... at first the plot catch my interest ...
The MC, know as "The great conqueror" get defeated ... and 200 year after those events ... Typical Otaku awakes as his PC ( Player Character) in the the MMRPG he was playing... summoned as a "Hero" to defeat the Devil King ...

... Also started "Arifureta, from common place..." 
so I didn't feel to follow the list order I has had published in my previous post. hehe

Light novels chat and recommendations

Posted: 27 Sep 2020, 17:22
by Lord Myne
I see, I haven't started Arifureta. Not sure if I will, though I might, the anime was a little interesting.

I'm on volume 3 of A Wild Last Boss appeared. Some interesting sub plots have developed. I'm still unsure overall if I want to continue it though.

I like the Alchemist who Survived quite a lot until the 3rd volume. Now I'm losing interest. I'll try to read it though at least, after all I already bought the LN.

Light novels chat and recommendations

Posted: 28 Sep 2020, 13:06
by Nishizono Shinji
Can someone recommend me a light novel? I'm into science fiction, horror and isekai/fantasy.

Light novels chat and recommendations

Posted: 28 Sep 2020, 17:40
by Lord Myne
Why not try Yojo Senki?

The anime covers some of it

Saga of Tanya the Evil

It’s Fantasy, SciFi and Isekai

So is Log Horizon so it’d be good one too.

Light novels chat and recommendations

Posted: 17 Oct 2020, 17:34
by Ekkun
hiya long since i've been show here.

well, I recently started reading another -shojo ? ?- LN; Tearmoon Empire Story.
At the moment it has just 2 digital Volumen which I just finished, and J-Novel is still publishing the 3rd one...

the plot is quite interesting... a greedy and selfish "Snob" princess is reincarnated as herself few year earliest to chance her fate ...

What are you guys reading now ?