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Therapy Would Have Been Easier

Posted: 05 Feb 2023, 07:56
by MitsuomiSoichiro
Hello everyone! its been almost 10 years since I've been active on this board. I used to be active in the clan Soul Society, way way back in the day. on a whim I've come back and this seemed like the easiest way to come back and say hello, and have somewhere to talk.

I am Jordon, im 32, I live in the US, I work in education and things have been rough. I look forward to talking to new people and cataloguing my days here <3 

I have a beautiful daughter, and am married. I am a huge anime fan, and a big RP fan as well <3

Therapy Would Have Been Easier

Posted: 18 Apr 2023, 15:14
by Noodle
@MistsuomiSoichiro I hope you're doing well.
I can't even imagine how working in the educational field is now. What grade level do you work in? What's your toughest feat about it? What do you enjoy about doing it?

I hope you come by and pop on in here again soon! I would love to keep chatting with you!