AL Journals Guidelines & Assistant Scheme!

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AL Journals Guidelines & Assistant Scheme!

Post by RedHat » 28 Nov 2021, 20:48

☆Welcome to AL Journals!☆

The Anime League Journals is a great, fun, and friendly place. It is THE place to be, it's the social hub of AnimeLeague. Your journal, can be used in many ways. It can be a place to socialise with your friends, express yourself, talk about your day to day life. You can use it to rant about things that drive you mad! You can use your journal to talk about anything and everything you want, from how you feel about you favorite sports teams chance in the upcoming match, to new shoes, to the latest anime or game. As the journals are a very sociable place, we think you should also have a look at the other journals. The chances are that, other journal owners will pop in and say hi too - You never know, it could well be the start of a beautiful friendship. So go ahead, make a journal, comment in other peoples journals, and generally have a good time. Just make sure to use some common sense and stick to the following guidelines.

AL Journal Guidelines!

As a general rule of thumb, we ask that you use common sense as not to do anything which annoys/upsets the other people in ALJ. The moderators will judge whether this is the case and notify you.

One Journal~
We ask that if you open a journal, that you only make one. Fairly straight forward. If you should decide that you wish to join a shared journal, please contact a moderator BEFORE you join the new journal, to request that your old journal is locked and archived. Please also note, that you are not entitled to join in a new/shared journal UNTIL the old one is locked and moved to the archive. One of the moderators are usually around very frequently to do this.

Individual Journal Rules~
Every member may make their own rules for their own journal with regards to posting, which must always be listed in their first post. You should respect these journal rules. If you, the journal owner, has anyone breaking your rules for your journal, then you should PM a section moderator about it. This also means that if a journal owner requests that you no longer post in their journal, then you stop posting there. If you ignore this you will instantly receive an unofficial warning as this will be considered as harassment. Details will be passed to the security admin who will make the decision on whether this is to be upgraded to an official warning.

50 Page Limit~
Once your journal has reached page 50, please contact a section moderator to ask them to lock/archive your journal. Again, as above, please DO NOT start a new journal until the old one is locked and archived. Also, please refrain from posting in a journal which has reached page 50. If you are found to be pushing a journal to page 51, you will receive an unofficial warning. This is the case for a few reasons. Firstly the amount of people requesting that their journals be locked early. Secondly, opening 50 page journals is faster than opening one which is larger. If a member posts past page 50 on 3 different occasions, then that member will be reported to the security admin who will make the decision on whether or not to issue an official warning. With the new VB system in place it is possible for users to change the amount of posts they see per page. This does not mean you are allowed to continue posting until 50 pages is reached with your different amount. 50 pages is also equivalent to 735 posts which is the standard that is set.
If a journal reaches page 50 or 735 posts, then please PM one of the ALJ staff to advise it needs locking and archiving.

Locking Your Journal~
If at any time you wish to finish your journal, for whatever reason, please PM or mention (@) a section moderator. Any closed (locked) journals on the main AL Journal forum will be unlocked again when seen by a moderator. Locked journals need a moderator to move them to the ALJ Archive, so please notify us when this is required. Please not that a journal can't be moved out of the archive once it has been moved there.

An old journal must be moved to the archive before you can start a new journal.

Journal Title~
It's always interesting to have a fun title to your journal. Just look at the other journals there, there's some crazy threads out there. Why not come up with something interesting of your own. Just make sure to include your forum name in the journal title in square brackets []. Also I would like to say that swear words and words of an offensive nature in your journal title doesn't look very nice, and it's not necessary. Swear all you wish in your actual journal, but it doesn't look attractive on the journal pages.

Opening Post & Suggested Format~
All journals must contain an opening post that gives some information about ALL of the journals owners in it. This is only a guideline, you do not have to use this, you can format it any way you wish as long as it contains information about the owners.

Note you do not have to use all, or any, of this format

Favorite Things:

Journal Ethics~
Some journal owners prefer to use their journal as a constructive space, while others use the journal to socialise. In either case, posting content which they would not appreciate, or which is found irritating, is not recommended...and could land you in some hot water with the moderators. Please be courteous, use some common sense and judge on whether you think the owner would find your post an annoyance.

As said before, everyone treats their journal differently. Some use it as a place for socializing. This may include some "spammy" posts. We don't mind spam too much, but please don't be excessive with it.

Remember to include the journal owner when posting: no relayed convo between 2 or more members after 6 posts , unless stated otherwise by the journal owner's opening post or the owner's updates. The journal owners can chose to allow spam in their journal, in which case carrying on a conversation more than 6 posts is acceptable. If this is the case, we ask that you use your judgement and not spam excessively.

If you decide to post in someone elses journal, please try and be thoughtful about your first post. "Hey how r u?" isn't exactly friendly or constructive. Please have a go at making a heartfelt welcome, and try to get to know the owner. Everyone was new once to the journals, it can be hard to get into the swing of it. Think about when you joined the journals yourself, or even the forum for that matter.

Additional Information~
Placing original username/journal title in first post: If you are one of these people that often change your username or journal title then we ask that you put your original username or journal title in the first post.

ALJ is accessible by the general public: This means anyone can look at your journal without needing to sign into AL and so everything you post is public and will be treated as such. So be careful - if you post something that is likely to cause trouble for you off of AL if read, think carefully if you want to post it or even how you post it.

Creating shared journals: no more than 4 members as hosts per a journal.

Banning people from your journal: If you ban someone from your journal, PM them so they know they are banned as they may not see your request for them to stay out in the journal itself. If they do not adhere to your request please PM a ALJ staff member who will deal with them.
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I'm ill enough as it is, don't need you bunch of braindead fools nomming on me and making it worse :P

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AL Journals Guidelines & Assistant Scheme!

Post by RedHat » 28 Nov 2021, 20:49

☆The AL Journals Assistant Scheme!☆

AL Journals Moderators
@RedHat (Head Mod)]


Welcome to the ALJ assistants scheme! We are the hub of the AL community, where members of AL make their journals for talking with their friends, fun, or even posting about their life (it does happen!). As an ALJ assistant, you will have the important role of keeping the AL Journals section active, and the people of the AL Journals happy!

The ALJ Rules can be located here, in the post above. ^

Growth and Activity~
This is all about encouraging new people to venture into the journals. This can be done by posting in a new members’ thread in Entrance Hall, posting on their profile wall, or by sending them a PM. For posts in EH and on their profile, please include a link in your report. For any PM’s you send to members, please list them in our ALJ staff area. If you invited someone outside of AL to join the forum and create a journal, excellent! Let me know (providing proof if you can)!

Each ALJ staff member is required to be active in the journals section and make a minimum of 15 posts per week. This can be done by welcoming newcomers, posting in journals to encourage activity, and posting in journals that are not active anymore (mainly the bottom of the first page of journals). Please do not spam solely in your own journal while ignoring other journals; this will be noticed and will not count towards your activity. If you make more than 30 posts a week consistently, you will earn extra points!

Journal Of The Month~
JoTM is a journal which needs extra attention, such as welcoming a newcomer or giving an older journal the attention it deserves. We will select a new one each month and PM a link to all assistants. Please do not tell the journal owner that they have been selected for JoTM, keep this between the moderators and assistants only.

AL Journal Banner~
As an assistant, you can display a cool banner in your signature to advertise the section (made by SukieCookie). The required code is here:

Code: (Take out the space at the start of the URL and IMG tags)
[code][ URL=""][ IMG] ... anner4.jpg[/IMG][/URL]

And it will look like this:


Assistants will be expected to do the following:

- Be an active member of the AL Journals section
- Post a minimum of 15 posts per week in the AL Journals Section
- Participate in AL Journal events

Moderators will be expected to do the following:

- Be an active member of the AL Journals section
- Post a minimum of 15 posts per week in the AL Journals Section
- Participate in AL Journal events
- Bringing new members into the section
- Help plan events

For bonus pay each month (and other perks!), you will need to do the following optional jobs:

- Running and/or Planning an event
- Helping with Dead Journals (note: Mod job)
- Any additional work that isn’t listed, please discuss them with me!
- If you do any extra work for us (remember, you need to keep posting as a minimum), please let myself or another ALJ mod know. If you don't tell us, then we won't know what work you've done!

If you need to go on leave, please notify me via PM. If you are on leave for longer 2 weeks then I will PM you asking when you will return. This is just so I know you're still alive! If you know you will not be online for a few weeks, please let me know! If you randomly disappear, then you will be removed from the scheme.

We will be watching your post count. If you stop posting, we will take it that you've disappeared and remove you after 3 weeks. I will be PMing you after two weeks of inactivity and if you do not respond within a week (by the end of the 3rd week of inactivity) you will be removed.

How To Become An Assistant~
Please PM myself @RedHat or any of the other Moderators! :3
ImmortalJed wrote:
I'm ill enough as it is, don't need you bunch of braindead fools nomming on me and making it worse :P

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