Of Timelords & Treason (Kimi/PT's ALJ)

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Android Spirit
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Of Timelords & Treason (Kimi/PT's ALJ)

Post by Android Spirit » 21 Nov 2020, 23:41

lol Jeez. How much did that set you back?
Tears Don't Fall
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Your tears don't fall, they crash around me
Her conscience calls the guilty to come home
The moments die, I hear no screaming
The visions left inside me are slowly fading
Would she hear me if I called her name?
Would she hold me if she knew my shame?


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Of Timelords & Treason (Kimi/PT's ALJ)

Post by Pirate TimeLord » 22 Nov 2020, 00:01

Nothing as it turns out. Was only a tiny dent on the edge of the steel wheel - not enough to affect the tyre. The garage even hammered it out a bit for free, even though it wasn't needed. :)
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