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Welcomes & Questions Check-In - ask questions in Welcomes & Questions

Post by Wheely Sweet » 14 Jan 2023, 19:49

Welcome to Anime League! We're a very friendly community run by the fans for the fans, and are always looking to help you have a fun time and make new friends! We run major events - both online and real-life. Our real-life events include anime cons such as Alcon in Leicester, London Anime & Gaming Con, Manchester Anime & Gaming Con and much more.

If you get confused, then make sure to check out our guidebook HERE, or alternatively you can ask any questions in this thread!

ImageCheck-In, Say Hi and Get Your Buddies!Image

Tell us about yourself by posting this form in this topic. You can also make your own thread in Entrance Hall if you'd prefer. :)
Name and Age: (Only if you want to say so)
Who/What Brought Me Here: (Did anyone bring you here? If not, how'd you find us?)
Hobbies/Interests: (You don't have to tell us)
Interesting Facts about Myself!: Tell us something amusing/interesting/entertaining!
Do you Want a Buddy: (Buddies are some of our friendly members, and they will help you get to know the forum and our members. We will pick a buddy for you and have them contact you.)

If you ask for a buddy then you will be PMed and given someone who will help you get involved and become a part of this community! They will contact you via either our chatroom or PM.

8 Cool Things to Do at Anime League!

#1. Join the discussion: We have a discussion area for everything. General Discussion is the hub of the community and where you should go if you want to discuss something or get involved. Whilst Entertainment Zone, Anime & Manga and Video Gaming sections are great places to discuss your hobbies and interests!

#2. Go Crazy! Bored? Got nothing to do? Want to raise your post-count? Then go spam in Crazy League, for jokes, polls, random games, spam, memes - everything and anything. GO GO GO!

#3. Make a Journal: Make an AL Journal, your own little section of AL and tell us about your life!

#4. Join a social group or a clan. See that link at the top entitled "Groups"? Click it and check out the social groups and clans we have! You can join as many social groups and clans as you like. Don't find something you fancy? Go make your OWN social group in a few seconds via the social group link! You can also check out the clans and signup for them here. Just reply in the ones you want to join.

#5. Roleplay: Want to be someone else? Play as your favourite character or original creation? Go check out CityScape for a wealth of fun and active roleplays to be a part of!

#6. Be Creative! We have a large and thriving art, graphic-maker and writing community. Check them out and make sure to show us what you've created!

#7. Check out our real life meets and events. We regularly hold meets and events. Why not check out the meetups, events and clubs area (located here)? Or our convention forums (located here)?

#8. Regular online events! Most sections run something, and occasionally we do huge board-wide events too. Don't miss out!

AND MUCH MORE! Why not browse around now and take a look? ;)

Frequently asked Questions

How do I change my username? You can do that via the shop (just click the shop link) and it costs 500 credits. Every new member gets 500 credits which is enough for one username change. For more info on how to earn credits, check the guidebook.

How do I customise my profile and add an avatar/signature? You do this by clicking "Edit Profile" at the top right. You can find more details on editing your signature in the guidebook (as usual).

Do you have twitter/fb?. Yep! Follow us on http://www.twitter.com/animeleague for regular updates of what Animeleague and our events are up to! We're also on fb at http://www.facebook.com/animeleague

Find me here - https://linktr.ee/WheelySweet

Want to join the AL team? Click here to find out about becoming an assistant || Come say hi in Entrance Lounge & join in our events! || My Journal

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