[LONDON] Alfa the Fallen Prince joins our lineup

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[LONDON] Alfa the Fallen Prince joins our lineup

Post by LikkleMel » 14 Jun 2021, 16:50

We will slowly be announcing our guests/panelists for London Anime & Gaming Con this 31st July - 1st August (discount tickets still available @ www.londonanimecon.com - get yours soon). Today we're pleased to reveal Alfa the Fallen Prince joining our lineup.

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Howdy I’m Alfa and I spend most of my time with my good friend @Prime_Cosplay_. We’ll be teaching you about Cosplay Weapon & Armour making and Cosplaying on a budget!

I’ve been into Cosplay for many years now, originally starting with silly costumes just to make people laugh, but slowly overtime morphing into a serious hobby. Though I’m never above being a jester and wearing mash-up Cosplays. I started Cosplaying properly as Overwatch characters, moved through some original outfits but now on a solid Warhammer kick.

I love working on characters, from designing, to crafting & painting, through finally to creating names and histories to flesh them out. It’s always magical to see something that you’ve worked hard on to finally come to life!

If you ever need pointers or help coming up with ideas, my messages are always open (Though don’t ask me about sewing, I’m notoriously poor at it!)

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alfa_the_fallen_prince/

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