[LONDON] Afrochibi Champs joins our lineup

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[LONDON] Afrochibi Champs joins our lineup

Post by LikkleMel » 18 May 2021, 22:45

We will slowly be announcing our guests/panelists for London Anime & Gaming Con this July (discount tickets still available @ www.londonanimecon.com - get yours soon). Today we're pleased to reveal Afrochibi Champs joining our lineup.

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About Afro Pierre:
Hi! My name is Afro Pierre a professional dancer who has a passion for all things anime, art, and games! I want to combine what I love and share it on stage and at our table. Come join us for a chat and to find out more about my super fun charity tcg Afrochibi Champs :D. I also have a youtube channel where you can get to know the game and have a laugh with me! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgnknx ... tQtGLzGSig
I hope to see you soon!
This has been your friendly neighbourhood AfroMan.

About Afrochibi Champs:
Collect colourful & powerful Afrochibi versions of your favourite figures of Pop Culture! This game was created to raise profits for small charities. Afrochibi Champs tcg combines traditional elements of popular trading card games with several new elements including a PYRAMID shaped game area where you move your Afrochibis in creative battle positions to strategically attack your opponent's team. Build your unique deck filled with Afrochibi Champs and a wide variety of Tactic Cards which give you incredible strategic options and game changing opportunities.
Truly capture your personality when building your Afrochibi Army!
No game is ever the same so expect to be fully compelled in this fun and unique experience that is AFROCHIBI CHAMPS Trading Card Game


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