Dark Moon Asylum (Cronicles of Darkness)

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Dark Moon Asylum (Cronicles of Darkness)

Post by PharaohAtem » 24 Feb 2020, 16:48

Sitting upon a hill in the middle of know here is a mansion that is shrouded in fog and it's lands in which is sits upon is surrounded by towering black gates that glimmer in the moonlight and make the whole area disappear. In the morning it's nothing but a vacant piece of land owned by a mysterious owner that comes by once a week to pick up the mail. In reality it's a school for the creatures that go bump in the night. Creatures that humans on the outside don't believe except in books and on the days they go to something called trick or treat. No human can see this place and only creatures of the night are allowed in and of course classes start after the sun has gone down and when the moon is high in the sky or not at all.

Getting inside the gates you follow a path made of glimmering glass and rocks that seem to glow a neon green in the night as you walk up to where a large fountain with a dragon spitting water out of it's mouth and too the double doors that are open to all to see. A double stair case leads up to the many levels that shouldn't really exist since it looks like a simple mansion inside, but this is magic and what magic hides it reveals a large school. The luncheon and the gathering of creatures is the first floor, the second floor is the administration and teachers area, then the other levels are the classes themselves, while the top level is for the rooms for the students since you have to live at the school.

The backyard of the school is free land where classes go to explore and sometimes do experiments or mock battles with one and another or use there magical powers if they have any. There is also a cave where you can hunt for treasure and a maze in which so far no student has been able to find there way out and are often saved by teachers in order to escape, because well it's not your normal maze but alive of course.

So welcome, welcome to The Dark Moon Asylum where you can learn anything, with the only rule is the keep your secrets from the humans.

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