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Tutorials, renders, fonts, links to useful sites... Anything you could possibly need to improve your artistic skills!
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Arts/Graphics : Tutorials & Resources Content Page

Post by Noodle » 15 Jun 2020, 20:41

Arts & Graphics ; Tutorials and Resource Page!
Original Tutorial & Resource Page Credit goes to Momogari

The previous content page is old and dated, and needs a refreshing new look! Which also means I've had to prune a loooooooot of things. Whether it being because the links are old, dated styles, broken images, or no longer with their image hosting site.

This is just to organize tutorials and resources into one topic in case these tutorials lose place in this subforum!

If you have a tutorial of your own, please comment here and it will be linked on this page. If posting a tutorial thread, please mark it with a tag of [AG] before your thread title, that way we can distinguish it from Cosplay ; Writing.

Cutting Out & Layer Mask *Not A Member: DA*
"Curves" Tutorial *Not A Member: DA*
Full Signature Tutorial *Not A Member: DA*
Advanced Signature Tutorial  *Not A Member: DA*



Not a Member Tutorials **
The creators of these tutorials have given permission to Android_18, Gogeta, _Phi_, Alucard, Ioreth written/typed permission to repost on AL for learning purposes ONLY. DO NOT play these off as your own. 

The tutorials labeled as Not a Member will take you directly to their Art Page so you can comment or ask questions directly to the creator.
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Arts/Graphics : Tutorials & Resources Content Page

Post by Suketchi Cosplays » 16 Jul 2021, 17:55

Suketchi Cosplays here :kawaii:

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