☆Clan Creation Guide & Clan Changes Announcements!☆

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☆Clan Creation Guide & Clan Changes Announcements!☆

Post by Nethack » 08 May 2021, 03:55

☆Clan Creation Guide!☆

Member Clan Creation!
Creating a clan is a simple process that can be done in three simple steps... These steps are provided below... If there is something you don't understand, please look in the "Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)" section that could have more information on the subject... If the information you are looking for is not present, please post in this thread with your questions...
  1. Brainstorm & Type-up~
    All clans start in the brainstorming phase where, while you're navigating the forum or just our clan list, you notice that there isn't a clan specific to a certain group or fandom (this is important - do not make a clan that is the same to another we already have)... You notice that there are many people who would fit into this clan rather easily, so you decide to create a clan to cater to these individuals... By now, you'll have an idea of the events you can have and the topics you can create... All of that will go into your sign-up thread... You're more than welcome to look at other sign-up threads to get an idea of how you want to structure your thread to grab the attention of our members... Once you have your thread all set-up, it's ready to be posted in "ClanNation Sign-Ups"!...

  2. Recruitment~
    Before your idea becomes a full-fledged clan, you will need to gain 8 members first... While this isn't a difficult number to achieve, you may need to get the word out in various ways by using some social networks, your own AL Journal, creating signature banners to put into your signature - and others who are signed up - as well as PMing those you know are willing to join...

  3. Applying for your Clan~
    Once you have at least 8 members, you can fill out the form below and post it in this thread to become a clan... Out of your 10 members, you need to choose two or three leaders to run the clan WITH you... These leaders will help organize events, discuss various aspects of your clan (such as issues with activity or how to get more involved with CN) with the CN staff and generally be ACTIVE members of your clan... These people will generally be "moderators" of the clan, so choose people you trust with your clan... Please note that if you do not have anyone in mind to help you run your clan, you don't need to list anyone... You can wait and then appoint an additional leader or two as you see fit.
Clan Name:
Leaders: (3-4 people; include profile links please)
Members: (+8 including leaders; include profile links please)
Link to sign-up thread:
Clan Goal: (Must be clear and concise)
Clan forum Publicly viewable Or Private: (One or the other. More information is given below in "Clan Privacy" -Clans will be listed privately unless requested otherwise )
Would you like a CN mod/assistant to help lead your clan?

Post your sign up thread and when you have met the requirements for the application post it here!

Member Clan Privacy!
Some Member Clans are more sensitive in nature and will want their forum to be closed so that people who are not members of the clan can not see the various topics and discussions being made within the clan... Clans that require a certain age restriction (18+) are suggested to be closed clans... If you choose to have your clan as Publicly Viewable, you are allowing all registered members can see into your clan, if they choose to... Please note that even when your clan is deemed as a Private or Closed, all CN staff (as well as AL Head Moderators and Admins) can view your clan... It is rare that other Hmods or Admins will venture into your clans forum regularly unless they are notified of an issue or rule breaking that needs their attention...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)!

Q: What sort of permissions do Clan Leaders have? Can they do everything a regular moderator can?
A: While Clan Leaders will have many of the same permissions standard/regular Moderators of AL have, they will not have access to the Mod CP as their permissions are restricted to their clan forum only. All clan leaders will be able to move threads out of their sub-forum into the CN Archives, can lock or sticky threads and can delete posts and threads. Clan Leaders, however, do NOT have the authority to give out official warnings. They can only hand out unofficial warnings. Leaders can find more information on how to do this in the United Nations sub-forum.

Q: I have spotted a rule breaking within my clan, what do I do?
A: If you are a regular member of your clan, report the rule breaking to both the CN staff and to all of your Clan Leaders. If you are a clan leader, you can split the topic and/or posts that are breaking the rules to the CN archives and hand out an unofficial warning to those who break the forum-wide rules. When you give out a warning, you will then be required to notify the CN staff of this official warning (via PM or in the United Nations sub-forum). Failure to notify the CN staff will nullify the unofficial warning given to the member.

Q: My clan is having an issue with activity, what do we do?

A: After you have spoken with your clan leaders about the activity and have tried to boost activity in your clan on your own by creating various threads, asking for help from your members or any other method that just hasn't worked, you can PM any member of the CN mod team and ask for help. In this PM, let them know what you have done that has failed, some theories as to why your clan isn't working, etc. This will give the moderator enough information to go on and help pin-point where the issue is and how they can help you to fix that issue. This moderator (or other moderators, if your clan needs it) will be with your clan throughout the process to ensure the success of the revival of your clan or until a decision is made on what to do if activity doesn't improve.

Q: My clan wishes to get more involved in Clan Nation, how do we go about doing that?
A: If your clan is willing to help CN, we have a few ways in which you can do so! You can have some of your members sign-up for the CN schemes to help promote activity and its retention of new members. You can also PM the CN staff and discuss the possibility of helping to create an event that will be run throughout CN. If joining a scheme or helping to create an event aren't areas you're interested in, you can PM the CN staff and ask about other ways in which you can help the section. You never know, we may have other things up our sleeves! Additionally, if you are a Leader, you should already have access to our United Nations sub-forum where you can discuss ideas with other Leaders and CN staff to help CN thrive!

Q: I am a member of a clan but I want to help by becoming a Leader of that clan, how do I go about doing that?
A: It's fantastic you want to help out your clan more! If you notice that your clan may benefit from having another leader, PM the current leader and express interest in helping the clan. If they're on board with wanting you to become a leader, they will let a CN Staff member so we can do that for you. However, it may be possible they feel they can handle the clan on their own. If this is the case, let them know you're available to help and they're welcome to give you tasks to do in the meantime.

If you have any comments or concerns please post in this thread and our wonderful CN staff will be there to assist you in any way you need!... :3

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