Clans You Can Sign Up To!

Welcome to the ClanNation sign-ups where you can sign-up for any existing clans! Interested in creating your own clan? Head over to The Neighbors' Club!

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Clans You Can Sign Up To!

Post by LikkleMel » 17 May 2020, 04:46

☆Clan Sign Up Guide!☆

Active Clans!
Below are listed the active clans currently here in Clan Nation and Clans that are pending that need at least 5 members to become an active clan. Click on the clan you'd like to join and you'll be taken to the sign up thread and then ask to join in that thread!

Please be aware some clans are 18+ only and some contain NSFW content.

Active Clans~

AL Idol Club
Minecraft AL Server
Desires Nightclub (18+)
Emo/Alternative Clan
Disney Clan
Gamer Clan
Joestar Clan
LGBT+ Club
Ultimate Spam Clan

Just pick a clan you're interested in and ask to join! :3

Nightcore Nation
WWE Fan Club
The Yaoi Corner
Yuri Love Army!


If you have any comments or concerns please post in this thread and our wonderful CN staff will be there to assist you in way you need!... :3


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Clans You Can Sign Up To!

Post by hannaabouafy » 06 Apr 2021, 20:25


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