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      The Indies Zone: A Sneak Peek at 5 Titles [More to Come, and how to get a table]

      Introducing The Indies Zone and how to Apply

      We are delighted to announce the creation of our first ever Indies Showcase Zone at Summer London Anime & Gaming Con this 5-6 July ( www.londonanimecon.com ) . As part of our wish to support the independent game making industry, we are inviting game developers to apply for a free table to showcase their game by emailing us on vg@animeleague.com

      Indie Developers that are accepted will get one table space for free, which can typically fit two screens on to it plus setup. They will be provided with two passes to the event for free. Power will also be provided for free. Note that equipment will NOT be provided, so any consoles/pcs/monitors will need to be bought along or hired from us.

      Confirmed Indie Games Thus Far [5 of 10 total]

      Distro Horizons & Super Distro Horizons (By Kitatusstudios)

      The story of Super Distro Horizons follows the adventures of young Distro, a kitten from the sleepy village of Nowheretown. One day, we awakes to a horrible crashing sound in the middle of the night. He runs to his backyard to find a crashed spaceship in his garden. As Distro surveys the crashsite, his parents are sucked up by the evil alien lord Galaximo. Distro chases after the green beam of light which is originating from the alien spacecraft. As Distro reaches the green light, he begins to lift off the ground and Distro is quickly absorbed into the spacecraft by the green light and is teleported to the alien mothership.

      On the alien mothership, Distro is introduced to the evil alien overlord and is sent away to the prisons. On the way to the prisons, a young teddy bear named Teddy breaks Distro free and together they escape to the warp room. In the warp room, Distro and Teddy learn to break everyone free from the mothership they need to raise 100x tokens in order to open the warp gate to the holding bays. To raise the tokens, Teddy and Distro must venture to various worlds through the portals and save the Worlds from the aliens grips in order to raise the tokens needed to save Nowheretown from the aliens.

      IndieDB: http://bit.ly/1cdmKQY
      Steam Greenlight: http://bit.ly/1eD1oRJ
      Desura: http://bit.ly/1cgBTkD

      Kraden's crypt

      You’ve been the last to be banished and sealed into the Kraden’s Crypt, You must make your way into the very depths where Kraden himself resides, but many dangers await! Fight alone or with friends with the physics based battle system, where you control every hurl of your spell, every swing of your weapon or every pluck of your bow. Mix and match equipment and weapons to determine your class and play style. Fight Epic bosses, hordes of enemies and why not celebrate your victories in the tavern rooms with a few friendly crypt creatures? You may meet new characters that tell the story of the Crypt from many different perspectives. Never play the same game twice with our randomly generated Crypt that can catch you off guard through any given door!


      Bard to the future (By Battlebard Games)

      Bard to the Future is a side scrolling 2D platformer which follows a medieval battlebard as he finds a time machine, meets two LARPers and ends up in a race against a time travelling cyborg pirate to discover a lost treasure.


      Secret of Escape (By Gamepopper)

      Imagine being trapped in a game, a game you are forced to play because it means your life, a game being controlled by an insane and unknown individual who loves to see a challenge. This is you, and the host is Dyer. You have been strapped with explosives and the only way to avoid them setting off is to reach each checkpoint, while avoiding deadly obstacles that are either made to kill you, or hunt you. There is only one hint to your freedom, a secret. You must find the secret of escape if you are to survive Dyer’s Game.

      Twitter: @gamepopper
      Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GamepopperGames
      IndieDB: http://www.indiedb.com/company/gamepopper


      Legena: Union Tides (By Grandpapixel)

      Legena : Union Tides is a single-player turn-based role playing game for Windows, Android and Ouya. Take the role of Tetiro Aceus and Atesan Turwin to explore the open seas, stop the religious war and discover the dark side of the Legena universe. And how their roles turn the gears of a legena that spans countless eras.

      Legena features a traditional JRPG combat system with a dynamic turn system, a variety of characters, monsters and dungeons, along with new features such as the weather which effects the battles, feathers that allow the heroes to equip a variety of skills as well as a morale feature that rewards player choice. And a difficulty grid to allow anyone from beginners to pros to play the game. Choose your challenge and power on through!

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      Re: The Indies Zone: A Sneak Peek at 5 Titles [More to Come, and how to get a table]

      Howdy everyone! It's King Tetiro, one of the folks of Grandpa Pixel! I thought I'd join the forum to keep people up to date with the goings on with the Legena game. We hope to have a KickStarter upon soon to increase the success of the game. Fingers crossed!

      If anyone wants to ask questions, my PM is always open

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      Re: The Indies Zone: A Sneak Peek at 5 Titles [More to Come, and how to get a table]

      I'll be there, showcasing my tabletop indie RPGs. For more info please visit the indyhippo design lab community on G+ or the indyhippo FB page. Look forward to seeing some of you there .

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      Smile Re: The Indies Zone: A Sneak Peek at 5 Titles [More to Come, and how to get a table]


      Hey everyone, just wanted to give a quick shoutout to all the indies who will be there. The game block-sei will also be there and will be giving away a Balloonicorn plushie to the highest scorer of the weekend! See you there!

      For more information about our little contest please checkout our twitter @blocksei or Facebook page!
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