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      [G][Dis][Aid] Free Writing/ Automatic Writing

      Okay, time for something different. Ish.
      Multi-tagged as it could come under several tags. (Boy is my wifi connection lousy - I'm about 25 words ahead of the slow updating textbox >.>)

      Free writing is supposedly a good tool to use if you have writer's block. I must admit I keep meaning to do it, but keep putting it off (procrastination king, right here.)

      Basically, write or type anything and everything that is floating in your head. If you can't find a starting point, use a prompt word or phrase. Basically just go with it, and keep going for a period of time you choose (optimally around thirty minutes is often suggested, but you can do more or less). Try and do it daily, and it can create some interesting ideas to work on.

      It may often be nonsensical or silly (or depending on your mind crude, rude and downright unspeakable ) But the key is just to write something. surprising connections can form, leading to great ideas. Or at the very least by distracting you from whatever current writing you are struggling with, you may free up ideas that otherwise wouldn't form because of self-imposed pressure to continue on.

      So feel free to post your free-writings in here, or talk about your experiences with it, or whatever

      ((As an example, though I won't do a full one:

      A rose is a rose, is a rose, is a rose, is a plant. But why is a rose a rose? why isn't it something else? Like the thorny love bush, or something. Though rose's don't have thorns, as rose thorns are called prickles for some odd botanical reason (thank you QI for that random info nugget, which is to all intents and purposes pointless). Well, sort of pointless, since thorns or prickles have points, and they do bloody hurt if you catch one whilst tending to roses...))

      You get the idea. You just keep typing whatever pops into your head. Punctuation is not really important, since it's all about the words. And trying to punctuate random popping snippets is tricky.

      Creative Arts & Writing - You should go here!
      You're so far past the line, You've gone past the Medusa Cascade, through Narnia and landed smack bang in the middle of Mordor. Where you killed the cookie monster, dissected him, then tried to eat him before choking to death on his insides.

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      Re: [G][Dis][Aid] Free Writing/ Automatic Writing

      I think I'm sick, my throat is a little sore and I feel feverish but there is too much to do today for me to be sick, everything is going crazy hazy mazy wavy gravy. Why so maybe? Don't taze me! Running down the dark passages, not knowing what might happen. An elevator to the stars, if the cable breaks you'll fall far. Drifting across the ocean of night, a silent ship passes by.

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      Re: [G][Dis][Aid] Free Writing/ Automatic Writing

      Aaah this is an awesome idea! Kind of like the eureka effect. I will most definitely be using this

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      Re: [G][Dis][Aid] Free Writing/ Automatic Writing

      This is essentially how I complete NaNo every year I just keep writing and writing and writing even if half of what I write is nonsense and I often add little notes to myself just to keep myself pumping out the words. It really works

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