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      Help Needed for London Anime Con Flyering! (Help Us & Get Free Supporting Upgrade!)

      If you signup and push flyers out, you will get a free upgrade to supporting membership worth 5 as a thank you. That gives you all three conbadges and half an hr early access to the dealers area.

      We have produced flyers for our upcoming London Anime Con events next year!

      We need as much help as possible in pushing these flyers out!

      For every 230 flyers you successfully manage to put out, we will reward you with 1,000 credits. 350 flyers is 1,500 credits.

      You do NOT need to be an assistant to signup for this!

      Location: Please state which city/region of the UK you're in.
      Distribution Methods: Please state how you'll hand them out (See below)
      How will you get them off me: I can send you the flyers to hand out via post (will need your address via PM), or I can hand you them at an AL meet we're both at.
      Number of Flyers: Do you want 350 flyers (ie: one batch) or 700 (ie: two batches, we'll send you the 2nd when you're done with the 1st)?
      In being a member of this team, you should aim to distribute out 350 flyers in a two month period. You will be sent 350 flyers through the post initially, with more coming if you run out.
      Please note that I advise to take the following distribution methods -

      1. Going into anime/manga/gaming/RPing/TCG related shops and asking if you can leave about 75 Animeleague flyers on their counter for shoppers to pick up (this is VERY effective). Thereafter going back every 3 or 4 weeks to check how many are left, and restocking them if required. Number One preferred method!

      Just to clarify all these store types are suitable, since they're likely to attract anime fans -

      - Sci-fi/fantasy/comic shops.
      - Video Gaming shops
      - Card Gaming/Roleplaying stores
      - Anime/Manga stores
      - Comic stores

      2. Contacting local anime/manga/RPing/TCG groups/events and asking if they can hand out flyers to their members. This one is harder, and dependent on what groups you know of.
      3. Handing out to your friends and people you know at school/work. Depends how many friends you have. Also giving them out at your local clubs/societies, and maybe notice-boarding them.
      4. Flyering at anime events (with permission).

      I advise NOT to -

      - Hand out to random people in the street. Though handing out at anime events should be fine if you get permission from their organisers.

      The most important thing we need to remember is that these flyers are reasonably expensive, and as such they must not be wasted. If you have any left over, then you should aim to either hand them to someone else who is willing to distribute, or give them back to me (quite a lot of previous signups didn't hand out flyers and kept them, maybe even still have them! Do NOT do this!).

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      Re: Help Needed for London Anime Con Flyering! (Help Us & Get Free Supporting Upgrade

      I would like to help out with marketing in Ireland if you would like

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      Re: Help Needed for London Anime Con Flyering! (Help Us & Get Free Supporting Upgrade

      I can for my town, gives me something to do on the weekends and i know of a few stored that would be likely to let me leave some flyers with. Midlands here btw.
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