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      Smash + Melee + Project M @ London Anime Con

      So everyone's aware, we ARE doing Smash, Melee and Project M at London Anime Con this Sunday 10th Febrary. These are paid tournaments (£3 entry) with everything entered going into a big cash prize-pot! Make sure not to miss! Not yet registered for London Anime Con in general? You can get entry for just £7 if you do so now at http://www.londonanimecon.com/register.php

      Here's the details as posted by @Fuzzyness

      London Anime Con 6 Sunday 10th February 2013 Brawl + Melee + Project M 1 DAY TOURNAMENT

      Hey it's Fuzzyness again!

      Same venue, only a 1 day tournament!

      The venue has amazing net and were gonna have a damn good livestream!

      Europeans are welcome! =D

      Sunday is Gamer's Day so it'll suit us a lot better but you're still welcome to go to the anime day if you want to pay for it

      Also, there's going to be other games going on including DDR, other fighting game tournaments so if you know anyone else interested feel free to invite them

      T.V's & Setups

      - About 10 - 20 CRT's
      - I require the community to bring setups, Otherwise this tournament will not run smoothly, thanks!


      Melee Singles - £3 Entry
      Melee Doubles - £3 Entry Each

      Brawl Singles - £3 Entry
      Brawl Doubles - £3 Entry Each

      Prize Pot Split : 60:30:10

      SCHEDULE #14

      Melee + Brawl Singles Signups - Sunday 10am -> 12am
      Melee + Brawl Singles Pools + Brackets - Sunday 10am -> 9pm

      Melee + Brawl Doubles Signups - Sunday 10am - 12am
      Melee + Brawl Doubles Bracket - Sunday 10m -> 9pm

      RULES #15

      [General Melee Rules
      4 Stocks
      Items Off
      8 Minutes
      Team Attack ON
      Master Hand Banned lol

      Melee Stages - Final Destination, Battlefield, Yoshi Story, Fountain of Dreams, Dreamland 64
      Counterpick Stages - Pokemon Stadium
      General Brawl Rules
      No Metaknight Ban
      3 Stocks
      Items Off
      8 Minutes
      Team Attack ON

      Brawl Stages - Smashville, Battlefield, Final Destination, Yoshi's Island, Lylat Cruise
      Counterpick Stages - Pokémon Stadium 1 - Castle Siege, Halberd, Delfino, Frigate Orpheon
      Rules for BOTH GAMES

      Stage Striking - This is done first game (and only first) of every set.
      This is where is where you do Rock, Paper, Scissors and who ever wins gets to Strike 1 of the Neutral Stages, then the Loser Strikes 2 Neutral Stages, leaving the winner to decide from the 2 remaining Neutral Stages to play on

      Stage Banning - Each player is allowed 1 stage ban from the entire stage list for this tournament, but not before stage striking occurs

      Advanced Slob Picks - Loser ALWAYS chooses next stage, then winner chooses character, then loser chooses character

      Daves Stupid Rule - You cannot chose a stage you have just won on, unless your opponent agrees on it

      The Mages DQ rule: After a match has been called, if a player is 2 minutes late he will receive a warning. At 4 minutes late, he will be given a loss for the first game of the set. After 6 minutes, he will be given a loss of the entire set

      B.Y.O.C - Bring Your Own Controller

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      Re: Smash + Melee + Project M @ London Anime Con

      hello sorry , i was wondering wethar metaknight is banned or not for this tournament , it says that there is no metanight ban but does this mean that no metaknights are allowed or that there is no ban on metaknight , thanks for the help

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      Re: Smash + Melee + Project M @ London Anime Con

      metaknight isnt banned

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