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      Ramblings to be removed/merged into CL - On End of Friday

      There is a chance you may have already heard rumours to this effect (or seen the writing on the wall), but after some deliberation, we have taken the decision to roll up Ramblings.

      It really gives me no great pleasure to remove a section on here, but we do feel it will be for the best in terms of RBers and ALers as a whole. The reasons are mainly -

      1. It's a pale shadow of itself. On 32 actives, it's nowhere near active enough. This has been the case for sometime.
      2.Crazy League has overtaken it and is returning to what it once was. A combined spam section that was just CL might see us return to how things were in 2002/2003 where CL was huge and a massively positive influence on AL as a whole. We'd like to see the best of RB and CL in CL going forward.
      3. There have been so many issues with RB and it's lack of ability to being able to integrate with AL. We don't want to remove RBers, but the forum itself seems to be a major cause of this division. Removing this should help address this in the long-term. There is just too much stigma around the section to fix this now. It is too far gone. This is not a stigma against those who post in RB, but rather what the section has become and what it is associated with.

      We ask you to understand and consider -

      1. We are not seeking to remove your home or remove you from AL. We you to be ALers first and foremost and find a place here. That is vital. But RB as it is, just isn't sustainable.
      2. In a lot of ways everyone (and perhaps staff moreso) has been responsible for what happened. RB was intended to be a place for free-spam, but it became an avatar for trolls and those who are ultra-jaded to wear. Both sides (for and against RB) played on it, and RB really stopped being a part of the greater whole of AL and became it's own entity.
      3. I and my staff accept a lot of the blame in this. Our actions and inactions created and built this division and this environment. It is our (and my) failings that has led to this in the long-run. For this I do apologise, though it may mean little to you.

      Moving Forward -

      1. We want RBers to go into CL. We want a combined section that has the best of both sections. The positiveness of CL, and the energy, originality and vibrancy of RB is what we really want. We want to restore the CL of old, where it was a combination of both RB and CL ages ago and pretty amazing, leading the way for all of AL.
      2. We want the divisions to end. We want everyone to be an ALer first and foremost. Not a CLer, an ARer, a GDer, or whatever, we're all ALers, and we're all together here, moving forward.
      3. I want to offer all members of RB a chance for a clean-slate. If you want to be on this changed AL, let us know and we will wipe the slate clean. Let's start over and work together for a better community.

      I know this is not the best of news, but I do ask for you to think on it, and maybe see a way we can make things better on this great community. Ultimately I like to think we're all ALers, and to each of you I really do mean it. Stay a part of this community, and be a part of things as we take it forward. There is a place for all of you on here.

      I am trying to be as honest and upfront as I can be here, I hope that what I am saying here will be treated with a measure of consideration and respect. If it is not, then I also understand. Thank you.

      We will be taking it down and archiving RB on Friday 21st September at 11:59pm GMT.
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      I got this!
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      Re: Ramblings to be removed/merged into CL

      I will be not on much over the weekend, so this is going to be done at the end of Friday instead. So everyone is aware, thank you.

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