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      preparing for the exam!
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      What am I?


      I ask myself what am I and why am I here.
      Then when you know you begin to wonder if others know who you really are and why you are here.
      Some people claim to know and maybe they really do but they rather act like fools
      treat you badly without knowing it.
      Why is it that people change on you sometimes so much so that they look like different people?
      But are they really different now? Or are they just being themselves showing their TRUE self.

      I believe that we change we mature but maturing should be for the better.. so we hope...
      not for the worst. Sometimes you mature and realize that the people beside you aren't really who you thought they were
      and it hurts especially after years of knowing them,
      of was it you that matured and they stayed the same?
      Did your eyes suddenly open to the truth of what was going on around you
      people using you and treating you harshly
      you used to accept it but now you decided not to?

      What happens to us?
      Why do we be come different?
      Of course its all apart of what happens when we grow and we find out what we are
      Where is that point where we say
      AH HA! i know who I am now...?

      because you might have thought you knew then it changes AKA mid-life crisis
      people are always moving changing and doing things, being social
      its fascinating and amazing,

      Well, one thing That I know holds true is
      You are who YOU say you are not what anyone else says you are.
      Simple answer huh?

      What am I? ... I'm me, what about you?

      What Am I ?

      This Journal is all about deep thought and wonder on life as you go along the way. Thinking on certain questions and realizing the answers to them.
      Life is all about figuring out what we are meant to be or do while living. It helps to analyze a situation before reacting.
      Which of course is good! we all know what happens when we don't think before we act LOL.
      It just reinforces that thought is good, sometimes it does get me in trouble in school and in life to OVER think
      and i wont get into that topic now but here is a bit about me

      About Me!

      I love to write, sing, teach children and i LOVE kids, I love the colors PINK and YELLOW
      I love to blab and talk but am also really shy
      I am 23 years old, and i am currently in college
      wanting to learn to be a physical therapist
      however my heart is into something more creative
      but as of now being creative has no jobs unless you know someone LOL
      oh I love to laugh as u can see hehe and smile too!
      Oh and write! oh i said that.. and joke around so please make yourselves welcome

      1. Be friendly and respectful (might kill some of us but its good to be friendly)
      2. Critique is good! (feel free to comment and comment on other comments and comment on the comment of the comment)
      3. Ask questions! (it will keep things going and be more fun!)
      4. uhhhh... feel free to say hi or help me out (Yeah I'm pretty new obviously LOL)
      5. HAVE FUN! (its all about a good time so lets all sing the spongebob song F- U- N) ((I really need to stop watching spongebob LOL))

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      preparing for the exam!
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      Re: What am I?

      Thank you Cece

      Alot of people tell me to go to the Literature section, I feel like such a noob
      I can't find it LOL, I'm so slow

      Thank you for reading though! I really like AL so far a lot of nice people and i like a place to share my writing and even art perhaps. I really hope to get a start on that.

      I think I added the rules You can always come and say hi that would be awesome! *_*

      lol welp I'm off to take a physics exam!! Wish me luck

      Take care.

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      Re: What am I?


      The lit section.....Main page >> Graphics, Fiction and Art >> Literature & Writing.

      Hope that helps
      Quote Originally Posted by ImmortalJed
      I'm ill enough as it is, don't need you bunch of braindead fools nomming on me and making it worse

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      preparing for the exam!
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      Re: What am I?

      hahaha! i knew that >>

      THANK YOU!!!

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