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      bored waiting for these vids to upload
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      Mass Effect RP: Return Of The Reapers. (everyone welcome)

      Three years after Commander Shepard defeated the collectors, the entire galaxy is experiencing a short lived era of peace. However, the reapers are starting to make their invasion again, unexpected and sending out the geth to attack the colonies before the reapers return to attack Earth once again. Commander Shepard in the Normandy SR2; gathers his/her team and brings along some old friends to stop the threat, this time, they’re not only fighting for their lives and the fate of Earth, but they’re fighting to destroy the reapers for good.

      Characters –
      Commander Shepard (commanding officer of the Normandy SR2) (Naoto_Shirogane)
      Miranda Lawson (Executive Officer of the Normandy SR2)
      Liara T’Soni
      Ashley Williams
      Garrus Vakarian (Gunnery Officer of the Normandy SR2) (Jacy Pane)
      Jacob Taylor (Armory Chief of the Normandy SR2)
      Mordin Soulus (Science Officer of the Normandy SR2)
      Tali’Zorah Vas Normandy (Chief Engineer of the Normandy SR2)
      Zaeed Massani
      Kasumi Goto
      Thane Krios
      Jeff “Joker” Moreau (Helmsmen of the Normandy SR2 and controls the com links from Normandy SR2.)

      Enemies: -
      The Illusive Man (TheBlackSun)
      examples of places where you will go.

      Normandy SR2: - Split into several levels - level 1 is where commander shepard has a single room, level 2 is the CIC where Commander Shepard and the others like Joker and EDI navigate the SR2. On here, you will find two doors, one leading to Dr Solus's lab room and the other room is where Jacob keeps up the checks on the weaponry. There is also a third room, but it is unavailible at the moment. Level 3 is the main place is the crew's quarters and where Samara, Kasumi and Thane are stationed whilst not on duty. Garrus Vakarian is in the main battery room, upgrading the normandy's weapons in case of a reaper or collector attack. Also stationed here are Doctor Chakwas and Miranda Lawson. Legion is in the AI Core of EDI which is situated with Doctor Chakwas and Mess Sargent Rupert Gardner is stationed here as ships chef. In Kasumi's room, crew members can hang out and have a drink in there and Level 4 is Engineering where Donnelly and Daniels alongside Tali'Zorah Vas Normandy are stationed. Jack can be found down the stairs under engineering, Grunt is also stationed in the port cargo hold, Zaeed is in the starboard cargo area.

      Citadel: - The homeplace for the ambassadors, spectres and C-Sec. This is where Garrus Vakarian started out, but ended up meeting Commander Shepard and then helped Shepard defeat the rogue spectre Saren Artimus.

      Omega: - A place for criminals and terrorists alike. This is where Doctor Mordin Solus worked before being recruited by Commander Shepard to fight the collectors. There are a few places where you can go - the club where the "de facto" ruler Aria T'Loak rules and people can either go to see girls dancing or have a drink.

      Tuchanka: - The krogan homeworld, where the main clan - Clan Urdnot resides with their leader - Shepards old friend Urdnot Wrex.
      Rules: -
      This RP is going by the rules of CityScape. If you have to leave the RP, please PM me to tell me why and then PM me again when you come back and I will give you the backstory on what is happening.
      Biography of your character:
      Name: (you can choose one of the characters above or you can create your own. Note, if you choose either Illusive Man or Harbinger, you cannot choose any of the below – Combat class, Background and Psychological Profile. Just Race)
      Race: (Turian, Asari, Quarian, Krogan, Human or Drell – however, if you choose Asari, your character can only be female and if you choose Harbinger, you’ll have to use Reaper.)
      Combat Class: Adept (Biotic Specialist), Infiltrator (Tech/Combat), Vanguard (Biotic/Combat), Sentinel (Tech/Biotic), Engineer (Tech Specialist) or Soldier (Combat Specialist).
      Background: Spacer, Earth-Born or Colonist.
      Psychological Profile: Sole Survivor, War Hero or Ruthless
      Weapon types: (Only take three of these) – Assault Rifles, Heavy Pistols, Heavy Weapons, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles and Submachine Guns.
      Biography of your character:
      Name: Hikari Shepard
      Race: Human, Female.
      Combat Class: Soldier
      Background: Spacer.
      Psychological Profile: War Hero
      Weapon types: (Only take three of these) – Assault Rifles, Heavy Pistols, Shotguns.

      OOC: Is only accepting bios at the moment.
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      Re: Mass Effect RP: Return Of The Reapers. (everyone welcome)

      Name: Garrus Vakarian
      Race: Turian, Male
      Combat Class: Infiltrator
      Background: Spacer
      Psychological Profile: Sole Survivor?
      Weapon types: Sniper rifle, Assault Rifle, and Heavy Pistols

      OOC: Let me know if this is good, or if I need to post more information

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      Re: Mass Effect RP: Return Of The Reapers. (everyone welcome)

      Name: Illusive man

      Not sure what else I can put, you all know who he is I'm guessing.

      Are we allowed to change things or do we play out more or less exactly what happens in the game?

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