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“Right, right, right,” ‘Manda muttered as she fumbled with the keys.

Finally the car unlocked, and she darted inside, tossing her backpack into the back of her small sportscar.

“Get in!” she yelled to her still-nameless buddy.

Her hands shook as she tried to get the keys in the ignition of her car. It took a few tries, what with her nerves starting to get to her. She waited for her bud to hop in and shut the door before she hit the lock button and starting the engine.

Loud, annoying music blared out of her speakers, and with a yelp, she punched her stereo, her fist hitting the ‘off’ switch and silencing the offending noise.

“Sorry, sorry! I have a bad habit…”

The sound of the engine had drawn the attention of the undead that had previously not seen her and her friend. They lumbered out from behind cars, shuffling towards the idling car. Amanda threw it into gear, pulled her seatbelt across her chest, released the parking brake and with a roar, she peeled out.

She wrenched the steering wheel around, and zipped out of the garage.

“Where should we go? I live in an apartment complex, and I doubt that that’s a good place to go…”

Deftly, she navigated streets clogged with dead bodies and reanimated corpses. But she did not know where she was going, and just tried to avoid the growing horde. Her car’s engine was not terribly loud, but she guessed that being in a car was probably not the best long-term idea. They would need to find a quieter way to move.