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      Re: CityScape Police Station NOW HIRING (Mature Content)

      Nick nodded as Lynn told him to find the out what happened, texting Jenny to go get the Chief. He nudged Lynn on his way out, letting her know that he had her back. He called in a favor with his next text, asking a buddy in tech-support, having him make a copy of all the surveillance tapes of the past few hours. He then slapped Lynn's ass, knowing she would feel him slip a piece of paper into her back pocket. He was probably going to get an ear full for that one, but it was a way to give her his number as well as the two steps he had already taken. Also if anyone saw it, they would think he was messing with her head, as no one knew that they had hashed out their little 'spat' earlier. He stopped by his locker before searching the area of the station, having grabbed his favorite customized upgrade case from his locker. This case made his sidearms into burst handguns. He knew he was going to be going into dangerous territory, so he had geared up fully, two burst handguns, full SWAT gear, and his trusty MP9 and tactical knife combo. He attached a light to the first burst handgun and a laser sight on the second, making his way from room to room without a sound. He had his headset in, tuned to the frequency he and Jenny created, a frequency anyone would miss without knowing it precisely. It was also on the paper he slipped into Lynn's back pocket. He made his way from room to room, making sure to be quiet and careful. There was something about this place that made him uneasy, something that rarely ever happened.

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      Re: CityScape Police Station NOW HIRING (Mature Content)

      OOC: Breakin the law, muahahaha 41 pages. Niiiiiice >=D

      IC: Her eyes shifted to the door when she saw none other than Jenny coming into her office. For the most part everything seemed normal, but when the SWAT officer told her Lynn was wishing to see her, it threw her off a bit. Normally when people wanted to see her they would come and talk to her. What made this situation so different? Jacy glanced over at Raven, before looking at the other woman and giving a nod.

      "Must be important,"

      Was all she said as she stood from her seated position, cigarette in hand. The events that occurred seemed to drift in the back of her mind with only the hidden bruises on her throat as the reminder as she stepped out of her office, unsure if Raven would follow or not. Eventually she found the detective with her back turned to her, standing over that pool of...blood? Quickly her attention shifted to the body. It was the detective's friend. Tia, was it? Yes, she believed it was. She should have been surprised, shocked, but she wasn't. Yesterday was all kinds of fucked up and today was somehow even worse. Still, she made no attempt to hide the disturbed look on her face at the scene. Someone had killed a civilian...in the station. In the station she ran. First a dead council member and now this? It couldn't have been coincidence. Someone wanted her gone, revoked. This was a coup attempt.

      "Do you have an idea of who did this?"

      W H A T E N T E R T A I N S Y O U ?

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      Re: CityScape Police Station NOW HIRING (Mature Content)

      Kaim smiled and took the jar money "what is this for Hoss?" Kaim stared at the jar counting up all of the money inside the jar, Kaim smiled "thank you Hoss" Kaim kept a hold of the jar and wandered why Hoss given him his tip money from the customers. Kaim sat at the barstool counting all of the money smileing at the jar.
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      Re: CityScape Police Station NOW HIRING (Mature Content)

      Oh noes!

      Well, more like, Yay!

      Congratulations on reaching 4(1) pages! I shall be moving this thread to the Legendary Archives. @Jacy Pane , feel free to make a new thread, linking it to this one and continue your storyline.

      Everyone, great work! Thank you for posting so much!

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