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      Re: Lockworth Mansion (Casual Roleplay- Open to all)

      Alyce looked at him puzzled. "What do you mean? I wasnt in any danger, Its you I'm worried about." Alyce said to Jack. She didnt know what had happened to Jack but he seemed to frantic. She had also been worried about how both Jack and Alastor's name were on the list. She didnt know why the people suddenly had a hatred towards demons. What did they do? Alyce saw that Jack had become frantic again as he searched himself for her former bracelet.

      "It's alright, maybe it fell out." Alyce said, lamely, as an excuse. She did not want him to have to go back just to get a bracelet.

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      Back after 3 years of being gone. ready to RP lol
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      Re: Lockworth Mansion (Casual Roleplay- Open to all)

      Jack looked up with almost puppy like eyes..."you...are worried about me?" He glanced down to hide the fact that he was blushing...'shes worried about me' he thought to himself in quiet contempt.
      "that bracelet you gave me..its...the first gift ive recieved that...i ... didnt steal..." Jack opens the left side of his overcoat now torn in several spots and slightly bloodstained to reveal a small vial with an almost crystal like powder in it.
      "here, you gave a gift to me, it is only in good measure that i do the same" Jack walks over to Alyce and less than 3 inches between both of their chests he looks down into her beautiflu eyes. He grasps her hand ever so lightly and fragily that its almost as if air is lifting her hand. He opens her hand and hands her the vial.
      "its pure diamond dust. worth millions. and no. i didnt steal it. i made it...a while back...when you lived in that shack...you could say i was...er...um...infactua..er. um..."
      Jack slightly panics as he forms her hand again very softly around the vial." i like you Alyce. Your different. Your not like anyone ive met before. I cant help but feel as though...i dont need to steal when im around you...like, thats how accepting you are. " Jack softly lets go of her hand a slides his lips near her ear and whispers "be careful, and stay calm. the time

      will come when we all realize who you are and what your capable of. Ill look out for you
      "Life isn't about casting spells and summoning creatures. Its about firing assault rifles and throwing sticky grenades"

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      Anyone here play Tree of Saviour?
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      Re: Lockworth Mansion (Casual Roleplay- Open to all)

      Julian thought about his answer carefully. "Eineus. I'm not sure. Maybe it's that were very close to each other as she's saved my life many a time. And now I'm gaining a power and can now help her equally."
      Julian knew he was going to get stronger, the mark of death made certain to remind him of this; although it wasn't a happy reminder.
      It was a similar feeling as waking up only to find yourself still on death row.... or that you remember if you have cancer. It was a bone chilling feeling.
      The mark was painful. But Julian has to smile through it. He doesn't want Fran to feel scared or worried of him; so he focueses on his power and hiding his pain behind his smile, a smile that may one day fade into the crooked cheshire grin of a demon, uncontrollably evil and may end up killing her.
      "Perhaps finding a way to supress our powers..." he mumbled.
      They ended up in the kitchen by taking the back route that staff take. "Want do want to eat?" he asked kindly.

      I love Chikorita

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      I used to love digimon.. And guess what. I STILL DO
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      Re: Lockworth Mansion (Casual Roleplay- Open to all)

      Akuma stood with a near disgusted face, he simply turned and made a very loud "Urgh!" noise similar to what someone would make if they got a bad taste in their mouth. He walked away from Jack and Alyce reluctant to stay any longer 'why do I even bother?' he thought to himself, as if he was annoyed at the fact he was pretty much invisible despite him carrying Jack inside. Another nap was out of the question at this point, he was awake and disturbed as well as being in a slightly annoyed mood; he sighed as he walked out of the room and pondered about what to do. He looked at his Devil Gauntlet, wondering about it's power even though for the longest time was just used what was there without actually training them. He thought it'd be a good idea, so he went back behind the mansion and walked into the forest behind the building. He practiced on some trees, using his crimson aura coming from the Devil Gauntlet to attack the them in many shapes and form. He formed a giant crimson whip which he materialized into a sword and switched between the two weapons, he then did something he hadn't done before; he forged it into a scythe with three blades. It was if suddenly he felt unlimited power surging through him, it was so easy to use and he felt much stronger for some reason.
      The Power Of The Azure Grimoire


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      Re: Lockworth Mansion (Casual Roleplay- Open to all)

      Hearing whipping sounds and trees being attacked, Maya turned around and ran into that direction. She dodged the bushes, the branches and the animals dodged her.
      Finally getting close enough she peeked from behind a tree and saw Akuma.
      'He must be practicing.' She thought with a warm smile. 'I shouldn't interrupt. Now...' Looking behind him she was able to see the mansion's garden.
      She hiding behind the trees, Maya approached the mansion carefully. Nobody should see her in those conditions! Her dress was all torn up and she was filled with scratches and her feet and her legs were bleeding since the animals used to attack her lower body. The pendant at her neck that she found earlier in the forest ( http://www.google.com/imgres?q=penda...:0&tx=55&ty=49 ) kept on shining. Maya started to feel a terribly bad energy coming from it. 'Wha-What the..?' She asked herself trying to take it off. 'It must be stuck in my hair! I'll go up to my room and just cut it off!'

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      Re: Lockworth Mansion (Casual Roleplay- Open to all)

      Severe willed and stabilize. Real intimate to her partner/master- Julian. She has a bear down uncovering to refrain those in pulverization and can be a big sis enactment for umpteen regularize though evenhandedly creature in demon eld. Harbors whatever feelings for General. Really prophylactic, especially of Statesman.You've kinda seen his story above. But to add to it, his menage became lavish by spurting a greatest. Met Lineups and they promised to bracing by apiece others take forever as they mutual thing of their souls with apiece different forming a diminish where Julian now can living as lank as demons can.

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      Re: Lockworth Mansion (Casual Roleplay- Open to all)

      i suddenly remembered i had left something in my room turning back i walked up the path opened the front door and walked in still with my bags in my hands, moonlights leash in another hand.

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