What is the Clan Battle?

At every Portsmouth Anime & Gaming Con, attendees are asked to choose a clan - Punk Rebels V Cyber Heroes

At the end of the convention, one of the clans will have won, and the others will have lost.
To win, the clan members just have to go and take part in the convention! There are numerous activities that award clan points, from video game tournaments to the cosplay masquerade, and many, many more. It's a great excuse to take part in something you wouldn't usually attempt.
There's also the spam war before the convention, where the clan with the most posts in its thread (this one) gets a boost, making it a brilliant place to get to know people before the convention starts. (Just don't double post, or it doesn't count. )

Who Are You?

I'm LikkleMel
I'll be leading the Cyber Heroes for Portsmouth
You'll find me at the Stage desk for the majority of the Con so feel free to come chat!

What Do We Do Now?

1. Introduce yourself!
2. Talk about anything you want; what are you looking forward to, are you cosplaying, whats your favourite anime/game etc

If you want a template for introducing yourself, you can use this:

Favorite Heroe(Or just favorite anime character if you don't know any!):
Favorite Colour: