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      Animeleague Birthday Week - Forum Celebrations

      It's Animeleague's Birthday this 24th February and to Celebrate we shall be running over a dozen events across every section on Animeleague, as well as a special Chat Party this Weekend. Stay tuned for more updates next week. For now, we can reveal these major events -

      #1. Chat Party on 22nd and 23rd February

      We shall be hosting a Chat Party on Saturday 22nd February and Sunday 23rd February the AL Chatroom and Radio. See the AL Chat Party Thread for more information.

      #2. AL Birthday Forum on 23-24 February

      Next week we shall be making a special AL Birthday section on the forums! A place to tell us your best memories of being a part of Animeleague from the forums to the events. We also have a range of fun and exciting activities (shhh it's a secret!) to reveal on these two days too. It's gonna be a blast! Wooo!

      #3. Events Across the Forums

      Each section shall be running it's own event, and we shall also be running community-wide events as well. Click on each link below to check them out -

      Entrance Lounge Birthday Icebreaker: A place to get to know other members and a chance to make new friends in celebration of Anime League's Birthday week!
      CN's Ninjas Vs Pirates Vs Vampires Game: Similar to Werewolf, except it is three teams! Ninjas, Pirates and Vampires. Which team are you on?
      GD's Guest the OP: Think you know your My hero Academia OP from your Dragonball Z OP? Wanna test your knowledge of anime OP's? Join this quiz!
      AL Journal's Questionnaire Matchup Event: Each team will be given a question to answer in their journals and all you have to do is answer them and create conversations to earn points!
      CL's Birthday Spam Event: Go nuts and spam as much as you want. Celebrate the birthday in spammy style, and win prizes for posting the most.
      Arts, Cosplay & Writing Special Valentines Art Battle: After an eventful weekend in London and Cardiff, CA&W shall be hosting a special art battle under the themes: Valentines.
      Video Gaming Screenshot Competition: Screenshots will be posted everyday, all you have to do is give it a funny caption or story with the screenshot!
      Roleplay Nation Treasure Hunt: Enter as yourself or join a team to piece together the maps and find the mysterious treasure.
      A&Ms What's That Anime Quiz: Each day at a different time, we'll give you a question, the first person to get it right gets a point! And there's multiple questions per day.

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      Re: Animeleague Birthday Week - Forum Celebrations

      Woo! Whose looking forward to this weekend?

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      Re: Animeleague Birthday Week - Forum Celebrations

      its interesting

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      i hate everyone
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      Re: Animeleague Birthday Week - Forum Celebrations

      Thank you everyone who took part in the party and the birthday week. A lot of the events are still ongoing, but removing this as a global now.

      Just up will be the Easter celebrations in just under a month's time. Get ready

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      Re: Animeleague Birthday Week - Forum Celebrations

      *readys the eggs*

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