As everyone may be aware, there is another storm coming this weekend. This will NOT impact the event, but we ask those who don't want to queue for too long in the rain on the Saturday to consider coming in to queue AFTER Midday.

Anytime between 10:30am and Midday is ALWAYS the peak time for us, and while we aim to get the queue processed as fast as possible, you can expect a MINIMUM of a 30 minute wait outside for what is set to be easily our busiest ever event.

For those who really wish to arrive early, we will have a limited number of Ponchos for sale for 1 each. However, we highly recommend to all to bring appropriate waterproofs and Umbrellas.

As a final reminder, the Saturday is SOLD OUT for this event. If you have not purchased a pre-paid ticket we can not guarantee entry. We advise for those who do not have a ticket and MUST attend Saturday to look at coming after 3pm when it typically starts to get less busy as people who came in early start to go home whereupon we can then let more people in. However, we do strongly advise to, if impossible, look at attending Sunday instead which has more availability and is still an excellent day with just as many events and activities to participate in. Friday is also a good day to attend, and even though less of the event is open on that day, entry is also reduced at just 10 on the door for that day.

If you have any questions then don't hesiatate to ask. We look forward to seeing you all this Weekend!