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      Harorudo's Poetry Bin~

      Welcome to my Poetry Bin~

      I do many art related projects since I'm a very creative gal and always loved a lot of art relates related things including writing poetry. I sometimes still dabble in making poetry however honestly not really anymore but if I'm in the mood perhaps I'll write a piece. Please know I'm not a professional nor the best at making poetry ( Yes there will be some spelling and grammar errors in some of my peices so I'll fix them soon. I just wanted to show you as is what I have ) I do it as a therapeutic outlet mostly. Well please enjoy my work~


      Repose Of A Samurai

      I awaken from birds nearby singing their songs.
      As I get up slowly and begin to head outdoors.
      I slowly step down the stairs through the grassy path beneath my feet.
      Walking with purpose silently and steadily.

      Nature surrounding everywhere as I walk.
      Beautifully enigmatic from far as you can see.
      I hold my sword close to my side as press purity on.
      Then loosening my grip more since no threats are on.

      I gaze up towards the big blue sky as I stop in my tracks for only a moment to spare.
      Breathing in the purity of the fresh mountain air that surrounds me.
      I press on but with no haste or destination.
      To just enjoy each moment that time has given me.

      I head towards a small stream a few feet ahead of me.
      Finally stopping near the edge I look down at me.
      In the reflection, I see a proud young woman who carries herself well.
      I being to smile down at her as she smiles back at me as well.

      One last time I gaze up above through the treeline staring at the sun.
      As it shines down at me illuminating everything and everyone.
      I say quietly to myself. " This is what true peace looks like. "
      Then slowly close my eyes saying goodbye to paradise.


      Tuesday at 11:03

      I gaze above looking up at the beauty I see.
      An old tree with tiny little buds sprouting from thee.
      A reminder of the past and how young I once was.
      A smile then creeps on my face with a small chuckle inside.

      With a memory of mom baking her special apple pie.
      The good old days have certainly come and gone.
      But my memories will never fade of you, my dear mom.
      As I place my flowers down on the stone where you lay.

      I then lean down and kiss it and say good day.
      I grab the chair from the side of the tree then sit towards you close.
      Then I begin to speak and talk about the good old times we once had and shared together at home.
      As well as new things that are happening to me now in my life and a new home with dad.

      Time seems endless at this moment of ours and I truly wish it wouldn't end.
      But it's getting dark outside again as the sun begins to set.
      As the lamps nearby light up to illuminate the grounds for people to see.
      I get up from my chair and lean it up against the tree.

      Then place my hand on the headstone once again.
      I say goodnight mom I miss you so, I'll see you again when I'm really old.
      Talk again on Tuesday at 11:03 for that's our time for us to meet.
      I begin to walk away from her gave not with sadness or grief.

      But a new sense of purpose and hope that we finally made amends, even if it was the end.
      I cherished each moment we had together even when things became hard between us.
      I always deeply loved you even if I didn't show it.
      I walk away to the car and get in and begin to drive away.

      But before I do I gaze up at the moon and smile big.
      Knowing that you're watching me from up there above.
      Guiding me to new and wondrous things ahead of me I do not know.
      I hum a song as I turn down the street out of view and head home.

      Knowing I'll see you next Tuesday for our time to chat.
      Since that's our thing and I'm glad for that.


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      Re: Harorudo's Poetry Bin~

      It is, to me, very vivid in expression and very heartfelt draws in the reader

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      Tired and still sick
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      Re: Harorudo's Poetry Bin~

      Agreed there really good

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