On the 25th July we will be holding our Leicester Big Geek Meet of 2020!

[B]Meeting Location: Leicester Train Station
Time: 12:30pm ~ 6pm.
Date: Saturday 25th July
Contact: If you can't find us please call Richard on 07518 391007.


- Social games
- Make Friends
- Card Games - Cards Against Humanity etc
- Arcades
- Video Gaming
- Photoshoots
- More to be announced!

(Please note that this is provisional - if weather is bad or if the majority of people would like to change plans then we will.)

12:30pm - Meetup then move on at 1
1pm-2pm - Shops such as Forbidden Planet Etc
2:30pm (Ish) - We'll then go to Bean Gaming (info at https://www.bean-gaming.co.uk ) where there will be tabletop games, food and drink
6pm - The meet will end.

Are you planning on attending? Feel free to discuss in this thread!