We kick off with the Chat Party next Weekend!

Make sure not to miss the AL Festive Fun Chat Party this 30th November - 1st December - You and EVERYONE is invited! Make sure to stop by, it's a great chance to make new friends, and also has a load of mini-events including Cosplay Blind-Date, Member Auction, Radio RPG and more! To join in anytime, just click Chatroom at the bottom right to open the chatbox.

But that's just for Starters.. Get Ready..

We have tonnes of Events lined up for you from now until the middle of December. Every single section of AL is doing something. Here's our top 10 -

#1. Entrance Hall Advent Calendar! - If you want to make friends and break the ice, come join us in Entrance Hall as we count down the days till the big day! Signup here.
#2. VG's Festive Gaming Quiz - Each week there will be a new category. Questions will be asked everyday. Join in here.
#3. A&M Santa Tag! - You simply tag someone and offer them a unique anime or manga present! Check it out here.
#4. GD's Wheel of Fortune - Wanna go for a spin on the Wheel of Fortune - Festive Edition here!
#5. Need Or Greed Rolling - Who's feeling lucky? Join in here.
#6. ClanNation Christmas Town Werewolf - The Werewolf Game takes place in Christmas Town where a small group of werewolves are secretly posing as Santa's elves. Join in here.
#7. Creative Arts & Writing Decorate A Christmas Tree -Christmas isn't complete without a Tree! Create yours here
#8. RoleplayNation Events Hub - Come Join us for lots of holiday fun. The Grinch has taken over RPN and has stolen all the Christmas spirt and presents, can you save the presents and the holiday's? Event Hub for more details.
#9. Animeleague Cosplay Runway - Show off your amazing cosplays in AL's Next Top Cosplayer! Enter here.
#10. AL Christmas & New Years Meets Throughout December - Including Bristol, Newcastle and the Big Birmingham New Years Meetup. Make sure to check all those details here.

And More! There's other events also due to start off in the next few weeks. Make sure to stick around the forums and get involved in what is going to be a fantastic and fun holiday season here on Animeleague!