AL's Festive Gaming Quiz


Welcome to VG's festive event - a big gaming quiz!

How does this work?

  • Each week there will be a new category.
  • Questions will be asked once or twice a day.
  • To answer the questions, you should comment in this thread, but comments MUST be spoilered. Unspoilered comments will be deleted and not counted.
  • Every correct answer recieves one point, but the first person to answer the question will recieve an extra point.
  • Answers will be given when the category ends, and by this point you may not answer the questions in this category.
  • Please do NOT edit an old comment to include the new answer, as it will not be seen.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask in this thread.
Anybody can take part in this quiz, and you can join in at any point. If you would like to recieve a tag when new questions are posted, please just say so here and you will be added to the mention list.
The quiz will begin on Monday 25th November, and the category will be announced the day before, on Sunday.