Today we're pleased to add SaNTINO to our performer lineup at London Anime & Gaming Con this 14th-16th February ( Tickets available @ ).


SaNTINO is based in Leeds, but was born on the internet. The 90s saw influences from Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, JoJo’s, Dragonball Z and the likes of Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and hiphop alike. The music takes you on a journey through all of these influences and tastefully blends together the punchy, rap-like vocals against the groove and melodies typically found in J-Pop and anisong. Also pulling influences from disco, soul and funk as well as contemporary, post-internet music trends, SaNTINO’s specific brand of pop music bridges generations and blends genres to a dizzying, kaleidoscopic effect. SaNTINO is quickly becoming known for his dynamic and extremely energetic live solo performances as well as his ever expanding and eclectic original material. His next release “genius” is a remake of his first EP which include titles such as “sMiLe”, “Weeb Life” and “No Face”.