It's been four years since the Great Destruction, and we still have no idea what caused it.

It struck in the middle of the night, a massive earthquake that shook the world, collapsing buildings and taking down power lines.

We, the survivors, stumbled outside to see meteors passing overhead, plowing into buildings or digging trenches in the ground.

Travelers, seeking a quiet place for the night, would tell of missiles launching. Others told tales you wouldn't believe.

Eventually the sun rose, but the skies were choked with dust, ash and smoke, so little light reached us. Still, we sat down, welcoming it, and waited to be rescued.

Only that rescue never came.

Some towns and the smaller cities were smart - they declared an emergency and put people to work, clearing the debris, setting up barricades and walls, and confiscating everything that they needed for survival and carefully doled it out to the people.

Others were not so lucky.

One of the most missed luxury was gasoline - in many places, the tanks were pumped dry. Sometimes we got lucky to stumble on a tank missed at a gas station, only to find it wouldn't run in our engines. In short order, we found ourselves stranded, wherever we wound up. People who'd months before were waiting in line for fancy coffee were toiling in the fields to harvest food for the coming winter.

If you're hearing this broadcast, know that one of the towns survived. This is the voice of Ruin City, calling out to any survivors out there. If the signal stays strong, you're headed in the right direction.