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      Re: Infinity N (RFP)

      I just added the Location template to the first thread. Credit goes to Expendable for putting the template together, thanks.

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      Snow is coming, Snow is coming
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      Re: Infinity N (RFP)

      I do have a planet that he's from and it's not earth. I have to add some things to it with the bio.

      Name: Anubis or Anpu
      Aliases: Lord of Death and Rebirth, the Guardian of the Veil, Jackal-God
      Age: Unknown
      Gender: Male
      Race: Egyptian God
      Random statistics: Born upon the light of the moon with a soul shrouded in darkness Anubis moves from one demention to the next seeking the ultimate power that is just within his reach. Cursed by the gods for his powers, he is sworn to uphold an ancient law that has yet to die. With every soul he takes within him, his soul grows more darker with each passing moment and only the purity of one Pharaoh maybe able to stop this angry creature from destroying the universe.

      Physical Description: A person who is revered by the village and protects it from the harshness of the environment that threatens to destroy them all. He is taller then most with raven black skin that is as soft and smooth as a newborn babies. Strong muscular shoulders led way to golden arm bracelets that are attacked to the hands in which the fingers are encased in gold and look more like claws then fingers themselves. A giant emerald lays upon the middle of the bracelet and glows with an inner light that makes it look like waves upon an ocean. Upon the waist is a golden belt with a bust that envelopes the hips with the same matching emerald as in the armlet bracelets, but this goes almost to the knees then leaves off to a flowing black skirt that flays out as if controlled by some kind of breeze that is unseen and felt. Upon the shoulder is a cape that is half black and the other half gold and it also floats as if controlled by some kind of breeze that is unseen or felt. From the middle of the chest another emerald is attacked to what looks like a head bust that has the head of a jackal and is black with gold that falls behind the ears and revolves around the front like free flowing hair. Long black ears point forward and golden eyes that see too much and always seems to go straight for a personís soul. A black mouth opens to reveal pearl white teeth that are meant for tearing and ripping skin to shreds. As they raise both hands the right hand starts to glow with green energy while the other hand appears to hold a golden staff with a ankh with an emerald in the middle of it on top. The blast obliterates everything in side, but in itís place is an emerald statue of the person that had dared interrupt the sleep of the Pharaoh within.

      Personality Description: Anubis is ruled by passions, his emotional control is apparently next to nonexistent. He does what he feels when he feels like it, with only a few instances where restraint was exercised. He is angry, sorely impatient, obsessed with little details, and has trust issues. This inner suspicion and attention to detail makes him hate any form of perceived or actual deception. Also very religious when it comes to Ancient Egyptian, sine he's a god and sorely follows rules that are often broken when they need to be.

      Skills, powers and abilities:

      Spirit Blast: Anubis can conjure up a ball of swirling ghostly energy, and then hurl it at an opponent. These blasts are made up of spiritual energy that is transformed out of the atomic blood that whirls within the emerald jewels upon Anubis's armor. His blood is made of atomic liquid and when it comes into contact with human or non human spiritual energy it causes a mass of power which is used in the form of a spirit blast. If it hits, it ignores armor, and does damage equal to that of an atomic bomb considering his powers are of that material.

      Spiritual Eyes: He can also fire unspecified energy blasts from his eyes. These are also power from his blood which is made of atomic liquid and when it comes into contact with human or non human spiritual energy it causes a mass of power which is used in the form of a Spiritual Laser.

      Spirit Wave: Raising a hand he can use the power within his emerald jewels and conjure up a wave of the spiritual power that has atomic powers in which case this wave can take down an entire army and destroy it leaving nothing behind.

      Storm of Sand: Able to control a desert he can control the weather causing huge sand storms that rain down upon villages, choking the life out of those unmasked and burring anything in its way. The more sand that surrounds him the more damage he can do including burying an entire army in the sand.

      Material Manipulations: When not surrounded by sand he can use the sand found in one of her pouches and mix it with the dirt around him causing it to look like sand and act like normal sand. He can also use pieces of metal and make a storm out of it like whirling the sand around him and other smaller objects.

      Spirit Eraser: Using the hands of his powers which are encased in gold bracelets he is able to suck some of the life force out a person and take it in as his own. He has never killed a person with this power, but in all retro events it is possible to suck the life energy out of a person if it were a death match. This power is his curse for survival least he withers into an empty husk of his former powers.

      Command Undead: He is able to control those that have died, including resurrecting bodies from there graves and using them as zombies to attack in hordes against his enemy they have the ability to suck the life energy out of a person, but not at the strength of their master who can kill a person in battle. They then return this power to Anubis and it is absorbed into his body to continue his spiritual growth.

      Reality Perception: Anubis can see the network patterns of matter and energy that form the universe with unearthly ability and cross over into other dimensions. In other terms the universe is filled with thermal trails in space that are like roads to other worlds and other galaxy, seeing these paths gives him the ability to use those thermal paths to travel through one dimension to the next and use that power to see things that most humans can only see through thermal microscopes.

      Mummification: Anubis is unsurpassed in his ability to perform rituals of mummification. Given a few days and the proper tools, he can mummify anything. No roll required.

      Vanish: When the going gets tough, Anubis gets out of there! If things are looking really bad, he can spend an action to disappear in a puff of smoke. Success means thwarting him from using the power, and he can only attempt this once a day. If he succeeds, he vanishes and appears somewhere non-specific and far away. He can't take other people or creatures with him.

      Healing Light: When injured he has the ability to either heal herself or heal someone else. Either way it takes power which causes him to have to rejuvenate later. Using his hand he puts it on the injury and recites Egyptian words as his hand starts to light up. Given to him by Horus himself he uses the powers of light and dark to help others.

      Regenerating Powers: Able to regenerate broken or torn limbs as well as any injury that is sustained in battle. This power comes from the spiritual energy he steels from other creatures and is depended on the power level of the soul energy he is steeling from others. If he has taken in lower level characters powers then the healing rate takes hours instead of seconds as it would in a higher level characterís spiritual energy.

      Character Equipment:

      Shielding of the Gods: The emeralds that are within his golden armor is a mixture of people's spiritual energy and the powers of atomic liquid which swirls together and gives him the power of ultimate destruction not to mention the power to use his powers. This life giving energy revolves is his life blood and protects him from the rigors of radiation that almost all atomic powers give off, but it does not protect others, if he is traveling with someone if they don't have protection they will die. The golden armor itself is made of a golden alloy not found on earth and was said to be hand crafted by the gods themselves and given to those they can trust to use the powers wisely. If he does not use these powers wisely they will become corrupt and start to disintegrate and further more become a death trap for him as the atomic energy that once protected him becomes his enemy and slowly kills him with radiation poisoning.

      Scepter of Osiris: Made from the same golden armor that surrounds its owner it also has an emerald crystal ball upon the top of it to unleash spiritual energy upon lands and destroy if from the inside by causing decay. This gives extraordinary power to destroy cities with a slow process not to mention causes immediate death to those unprotected from such radiation.

      Ankh of Anubis: Ankh symbolizes eternal life. Anubis is god of the dead. This golden Ankh that is upon a golden necklace brings Anubis his eternal life and ability to come back from the dead. He wears it upon his neck, but it unseen to everyone but himself and his followers. This also is part of power he does to use to bring the dead within their tombs to life and attack his enemies. Often many fortune hunters have tried to steal this valuable weapon from Anubis's hands, but often find themselves having radiation burns that often lead to the decay of the skin which leaves to the loss of their hands or arms. This also give him the ability to shape shift into his Jackal form which is in the form of a black dog with long black and gold ears that stand up almost as if they are satellites taking in sounds.

      Character History: Anubis was born a child of prophecy to the Egyptian Gods and as he grew he was thought the ways of the Egyptians. He became the God of Embalming, but with these powers he became a ruthless person who protected the gods and goddesses from anyone who dared challenge them. Upon a land that a certain god owned and thrived upon the Pharaoh Atem broke the sacred laws that governed this area and in so her powers were stripped from her and sealed within the ankh that Anubis carried. Owning this power he has gained many abilities and powers besides his own and waits until the day comes when Atem finds the courage to come back and fight for her powers, but this has been centuries and so far her powers have continued to weaken. Sooner or later Anubis will come for her soul and take it for his own, sealing the death of a Pharaoh who's power used to be well respected upon her lands until the day she broke a trust with certain gods and goddesses.

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      Re: Infinity N (RFP)

      Fantastic character.

      Spiritual eyes does not mention what the mass of power is or does. Please correct this.

      How does Spirit Wave destroy an Army? Is it similar to the Spirit Blast? Please include what it uses to destroy an army, and what size of army.

      Outside of that, the rest can be used for sparring and all of it is good for roleplaying.

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      Re: Infinity N (RFP)

      Name/Catalog Number: Krull Frontier
      Overview: Krull Frontier is a wild planet full of beasts and plants. Some plants and beasts are edible but there are no native intelligent lifeforms that are capable of speech. Right now its used as a big game hunting ground, and the game is huge and ferocious. It is considered a hunting ground like no other.
      Reality: Advance technoloy
      Ecological Profile: Currently life is bountiful with mostly land mass, there is no salt water life, just fresh water, so creatures on land have become massive as a result. Humans can live in the environment.
      Historical Summary: Discovered 50 years ago, its only been used for recreational purposes. Normal life is piratically impossible as it is too dangerous to live, so enthusiast game hunters have been the only ones to visit. It does have an outpost setup with a settlement with all the basic needs, it is kept safe, most of the time. The outpost has been reestablished just over a dozen times.
      External Influences: none
      Law & Government: Ruled by the on outpost, but it's more a inn and basic gear, so laws are light.
      Economic Conditions: None
      Military & Espionage: None
      Creator: Tanya

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      Snow is coming, Snow is coming
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      Re: Infinity N (RFP)

      Sounds good I'll fix it I'll be rusty doing sparring.

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      Re: Infinity N (RFP)

      Hey, I'm still here and all. Just currently dying from the flu so I'll try to update my bio plus post in that one thread some time this week.

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      Re: Infinity N (RFP)

      Quote Originally Posted by Warheit View Post
      Hey, I'm still here and all. Just currently dying from the flu so I'll try to update my bio plus post in that one thread some time this week.
      Thanks for the heads up.

      No hurry. Get better first.

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      Re: Infinity N (RFP)

      I love MV stuff and I'm glad it's here when I came back. Also if there are more people I'd love to spar.

      "You can still call me Animo. Just don't talk about how he's usually printed white."
      Alias - Siej or Animo
      Name - Matsudo Koji
      Race - DnD (Cloud [Red/Black/Yellow/Blue], Morphling, Halfling, Blinkling, Blink Dog, Hound-Archon, Half-Human, Elf, Half-Elf, Minotaur, Demon, Devil, Dragon [Red, Orange, Blue, Green], Weretiger, Cat, Dog, Weredog, Mimic, Robot, Droid, Machine, Items [A blitzball, a Glass Sword, a Glover's Glove, A Book {with books in it}, Ink, Paper, a Pagemaster's Sword])
      Gender - Man/Boy/Male/Gay/Bisexual/Pansexual
      Apparent Age - 21 or 15 (depending on how he's morphing)
      Actual Age - 64

      Physical Description
      -Height: Varies (around friends he might be as little as 5'4"-5'7"; he can become between 2" to 10' tall.)
      -Apparent Weight: 200 lbs. (by a scale)
      -Weight by Sight: 150-250 lbs. (he's very compact, but muscular; also varies by height)
      -Foot Size: 11"
      -Waist Size: 42"
      -Ear Shape: Big, Round with a single point on each side
      -Penis size: UNREVEALED! (Lol easter egg)
      -Eye Color: Blue (Except when in Demon Mode, where it is black)
      -Skin Color: Brown (Except when in Blue Orc Mode [blue] or in Dog Mode [Black])
      -Hair Color: Dark Blue Hair (on head), Orange (on back), Green (stomach), Black (Butt), Brown (legs), White (face [when in dog mode]). There are also adult colorings.

      Personality Description
      -Quite sane to other people
      -Quite insane in his head [anger problems breaching to the surface over small things, hearing people's thoughts, calmness during stressful situations]
      -Enjoys all colors
      -Enjoys any kind of food (nearly)
      -Laughs all the time, even when it's not funny
      -Cheerful and Sour
      -Some darkness in his sense of humor
      -Likes Walking
      -Likes to Sing
      -Hates to Dance
      -Likes girls less than boys
      -Likes farts
      -Likes sounds that are loud (see previous for an example)
      -Likes Magic things more when he can't do it (except for when he's usin' it!)
      -Likes Technology more when he can use it (and he's very good at usin' it too!)

      Background - [What's this one?]
      History - [I hate doing these]
      Origin - [Reserved. BTW I was thinking he had DnD genes as a sperm and sorta spawned.]

      -Book: Records his life in himself, therefore he can use this to recall things his brain can't. He also records spells he's witnessed (seen or heard... or read). He can also make pages to redefine himself and sometimes other people. He can also appear the book outside of himself at will, but doesn't need to to make pages or change/design it. He can also turn into this book in any description he desires or ink of equal worth.
      -Pagemaster: He's a pagemaster. Comes with a sword and the ability to make pages. (Not to mention you can see fiction firsthand by going into a book.)
      -Minotaur: He's a Minotaur, so he can do anything a Minotaur does (despite not looking the part).
      -Blue Orc: He can turn into a Blue Orc at will (takes 30 seconds). Blue Orcs are the second kind of Orc and are known for their pairings with humans when they first came to be. Eventually they were forced into the water and thus learned to breathe underwater. They are larger and stronger than humans when humanoids take their form.
      -Blinkliing: A Halfling and a Blink Dog is a Blinkling when born as both's blood. A blinkling is like a Halfling in shape and size, aside from an additional (or not) set of ears and a tail (or not). Sometimes they have spots (or not). Blinnklings can 'Blink', like Blinkdogs.
      -Elf: He got pointy ears and can understand Elven language. For all things requiring an Elf, he qualifies.
      -Half-Elf: "I keep these parts a secret."
      -Demon/Devil: He's acquired several kinds of Demon and Devil he is over time. As long as he doesn't be evil he was told he'd neer see hell. After seeing the future, he's tearing up.

      -Psychic: He can see/sense the future, black people out, levitate, fly, and push with the power of his mind. He can do other things he can think of within mental power spectrum, such as warp reality with his imagination.
      -Swift Feet: He can move faster than cars while walking. People see this walking like a Tarutaru's.
      -Won't Have: When he says "i won't have [xyz]", [xyz] didn't happen.
      -Unseen Seer: He does this voluntarily, after constant use drained him once. Always tries to unsee his demise.
      -Weather Control: Dragons do that.
      -Turn: Into a Cloud, a Halfling [normal form], a dragon, a Black Orc [Demon Mode], a Blue Orc, a dog [with normal patterns], or a Blinkling [black with white spots or Dalmation-like]. Although he always could turn into a Minotaur, or a Hound Archon, he turns into those as a Blue Orc Hound Archon Minotaur [same abilities as all three].
      -Cause Fear: The spell.

      -Wield Any Weapon [Fighter/Sorcerer Jizz from his DnD]
      -Jiu-Jitsu (used rarely)

      -Being taken out of your body
      -Being turned into the other gender
      -Being curb-stomped {reality warps him to have never actually been there, or he turns into a ball [or a greatsword (or a glove)]}
      -Suicide by force

      other -optional unless used for sparring

      ((OOC: This is all I can think without getting Adult. I'll probably edit it again with more. Oh yea, I wanted to ask if it'd be too much if he had Magic Immunity (if my oopoinent or the GM wanted to play with that I'd bend though.))
      All men die but not all truly live.
      All Characters and Works © Undersiej

      We should give an execution menu to the convicted. God that would be awesome.

      Can you even imagine?

      You could get a butterfly ballot a week before your execution, and punch out a box next to () Public or () Private and () Electric Chair, () Guillotine, () Hemlock, () Firing Squad, () Fire, () Bears, () Ritual Sacrifice, () Sodium Pentobarbitol, () Gallows, () Wicker Man

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      Re: Infinity N (RFP)

      I am always up for a spar. I am going to be really rusty though, I cannot tell you the last time I had a pvp fight.

      Also, I updated a few actual spells Tanya. I am trying to work out the stats on a fire wolf to conjure but that'll hafta come later.

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      Snow is coming, Snow is coming
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      Re: Infinity N (RFP)

      I haven't sparred in a very long time, I'd be rusty as well. We could spar each other to get the rust off if you want

    11. #26

      Re: Infinity N (RFP)

      @Siej , I apologize for taking so long to review your entry.

      My weekend ended up being busier than I had anticipated, so it'll take me a bit longer to finish reviewing it.

      However, you have an interesting character concept.

      Overall there are issues with no limitations or ranges being mention on your powers, abilities, and skills. Simply knowing a skill doesn't state how well you know it.

      The description on your character's personality is great.

      I'll provide you with a more detailed review when I have the time, hopefully sometime this weekend, if not next week I will.

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      Re: Infinity N (RFP)

      (this looks like it will be a good one, staying out for now for reasons I explained in other RP threads but looks great so far good luck you guys I'll jump in maybe but want to see more non-kitty RPs lol)

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      Re: Infinity N (RFP)

      Too bad, the more the merrier, I say.


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