Anime League Amusements is a an anime themed amusement park, that provides year round entertainment to both locals and out-of-town guests a like. It is situated near Anime League Academy and also offers entertainment to the students whom attend there, so feel free to bring your characters here for things like dates or fun with friends or whatever.

Like Anime Academy this it a Role Play where the players determine the setting details, in this case things like rides, shows, concession etc.

Also like Anime Academy there are no rules on post length, character bio, posting order, etc. It is meant to be a place where anyone can visit, try out a bit of imaginative fun and not be concerned with too many technical details. In other words for Role Players of whatever level of experience and commitment. You can post a page you can post a line of text, it doesn't matter, just so long as your having fun.

Posts are in character, there is no Out Of Character thread, if it's really needed use ((hi, what's going on here)) for example IE (()) for quick out of character posts.

Just what does this Theme Park have to offer? That is up to all of you.