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      Twilight Festival -Matchup Ascham/Naughty Kitty

      Ascham was excited since the Twilight Festival was starting tonight. It was held every year for 7 days, well more like 7 nights. It started at 8 PM and ended at 8 AM. The days were hot and it was cooler at night. During the festival hours lights would be lit up and fireworks would light the sky. It was time during the year in their town where everyone was on vacation. Of course it meant some worked on the during the Festival has some prepared and sold food, drinks, and artwork. Some shot off the fireworks. Some cleaned up. Though everyone usually took turns so others would have a chance to enjoy the festival as well.

      Ascham dressed in his festival clothes which was sort of like a robe, it was hand crafted with natural simple patterns with bright summer colors: blue, green, and yellow. Once Ascham was ready he headed to the Festival. The Twilight Festival celebrated life, so it had a large variety of artwork for sale, food, and alcohol for purchase. It was traditional dress up in bright colors for the festival. Not everyone drank, but everyone ate and at least strolled from booth to booth to browse the art pieces if not purchase them.

      Ascham did buy art from time to time at the Festival, but mostly he just enjoyed the interaction with the others in the town, and the dancing. Ascham always looked for art pieces on the first night, he still planned on trying out the different foods and dancing though. He arrived early. The crowed was light but he was sure it would pick up soon. He decided to look at the booth with carved wood faces, they looked like elfs and wizards.

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      Re: Twilight Festival -Matchup Ascham/Naughty Kitty

      "They're pretty aren't they?" Came a soft little voice from Ascham's right. "I like the elfin ones particularly."

      Kitty was dressed a bit more casually then the traditional multi-colored robes Ascham wore, as she was from out of town and not quite sure if that sort of thing was in part to help the locals distinguish themselves from out of town goers or something. In fact the mysteries of the Summer Festival were all knew to her, and she was eager to see what it was all about and what it had to offer. From what she'd seen so far it looked like it would be fun and she was excited for it.

      In keeping with the what she knew about wearing brighter colors she'd chosen pink & white as a main theme, as she quite liked that color anyways and it tended to compliment her skin tone and hair. Dressed in faded denim shorts, frayed at the bottom in keeping with the recent trends, that clung to her hips, stopped right at the top of her thighs, and were low cut the they were perfect for summer, comfortable and cute. Her top was in pink with clean white edging and an Anime League logo also white on the front, the sort of logo worn on staff t-shirts at cons, though obviously this was a custom. Clean white sneaks with logos and edging in pink and silver and a little pair of pink ankle socks completed the main outfit, it was, she hoped in keeping with the theme of the festival, just in more her own sort of style.

      She wore minimal makeup and adornments and had her short cut auburn hair pulled back by it's usual pink hair band and her blue eyes shined with girlish curiousness. She was a practical sort of girl and especially when going to an area she was unfamiliar with she left anything more expensive at home, one never knew and she didn't want to makes herself a target. Naturally she kept the essentials in the white school bag she had slung over a shoulder. It was less easy to forget then smaller bags or purses and she could carry more which was good for journeys like this.

      She looked up at Aschem and added cheerfully, "Sorry, didn't mean to intrude but I saw you looking at the masks and well... they are quite something aren't they?"

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