Joining our panelist lineup this 6-8th September at Alcon Revival (discount tickets available @ ) we're pleased to add Manga Big Bang to our performer lineup.


Born in 1978 in Tokyo, Japan, Dr. Vivian Wijaya a.k.a Dr.Vee is a certified medical doctor turned manga creator. After finishing up her degree, she chose to follow her dream of being a mangaka and started enrolling in courses under Japanese mangaka Machiko Maeyama, who had just started a school in Jakarta. After she had made her debut in a magazine in Indonesia, she then moved back to Tokyo and enrolled in the Nippon Designers School to study manga.

When she graduated, Vivian received the Nippon Designer School's highest academic award, as well as a full scholarship for postgraduate studies in the same institution. She apprenticed under Kenjiro Hata, the mangaka behind Hayate the Combat Butler and Tonikakukawaii. She made her publication debut in the Shounen Sunday magazine's official website with Kokkyounaki Gakuen in 2011 and a monthly comic strip series published by Shinano Mainichi newspaper in Nagano, Japan (2012-2015). She also wrote several one shot manga for Shonen Sunday.

Currently Vivian has a manga series published in the magazine of her production, Manga Big Bang! ®while editing and managing other creative talents at her publishing company as chief editor/director.

Magazine profile:
Manga Big Bang! ® is a bimonthly original English language manga magazine from the UK, featuring award-winning creators. Featured manga comics includes various genre from historical fiction, comedy to science fiction. Manga Big Bang! holds three values in its production: entertainment, education, and inspiration.

Through production and curation process learned from the Japanese manga industry Manga Big Bang!aspires to be an entertainment brand that creates truly original contents that celebrates diversity, quality and unity. This is why our magazine is created to be appropriate for readers aged 10 while contents can still be appreciated and enjoyed not only by young readers but also adult readers. We envision parents and children, boyfriends and girlfriends, friends and strangers enjoying and sharing the fun through Manga Big Bang!.