Joining our panelist lineup this 6-8th September at Alcon Revival (discount tickets available @ ) we're pleased to add Akemi Tanaka to our panelist lineup. Akemi will be giving a talk on Japanese Culture - learn more about Japan and history.


Senior Commissioning Editor Anna Steadman pre-empted world English language rights from Laetitia Rutherford at Watson, Little Ltd for publication in hardback, ebook and audio edition this autumn. Watson, Little have already sold translation rights in France and The Netherlands, with more deals expected to follow.
Chowa is a Japanese concept that is often translated as 'harmony', but more accurately means 'the search for balance'. Chowa is both a philosophy and a set of practices that can help us get to the heart of what is most important to us, and change our way of thinking about ourselves and others.
The author, Akemi Tanaka, is descended from a family of Samurai who fought alongside the 15th Century warrior-poet Ota Dokan. She grew up in Japan, but now lives in London with her English partner. Akemi is an established cultural communicator on Japan, regularly leading study tours back to her homeland, and giving presentations at schools, universities and cultural centres.

Steadman says: “I’m so looking forward to working with Akemi on this book. The Japanese wisdom of chowa offers us a fresh perspective on how to live, and new ways to both make space and find balance among the many different directions that modern life pulls us in.”

Tanaka says: “Since leaving Japan and making a new life for myself in England, I have seen some aspects of Japanese culture in a new light. When I tell people about my culture, I find myself coming back again and again to chowa and its simple lessons in finding balance. My book will be full of practical things we can all do in our daily lives to help us find our balance.”