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      Welcome to Cardiff Anime & Gaming Con 2019 - Say Hello Here!

      Use this topic for chit-chat, introducing yourself, asking any questions and getting to know other members.

      Cardiff Anime & Gaming Con meanwhile is 17-18 August. Get tickets at www.cardiffanimecon.com


      So, you've decided to come to either Cardiff Anime & Gaming Con or you're heavily interested in it and want to get to know the community? Well, why not tell us a bit about yourself?

      Name: Your IRL name if you don't mind.
      Age: How old are you?
      Location: Rough location in Britain. Nearest town or city works.
      How did I find out about Anime Con?: Who told you about this event?
      Conventions Info: Why not tell us what you've already done conventions and meetups wise, and what you also plan to do for the year? Do you plan to attend other AL meets? (go check out our meetups section)
      Further Notes: Anything more to add about yourself? Put it here!

      Feel free to use this topic for any questions you may have, or just to chat, etc.

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      Just Wooloo with it
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      Re: Welcome to Cardiff Anime & Gaming Con 2019 - Say Hello Here!

      Name: Stuart
      Age: 32
      Location: Swansea Valley
      How did I find out about Anime Con?: Facebook and Instagram ads
      Conventions Info: First con ever, unsure if I'll make any others yet
      Further Notes: I'll add more when I can think of stuff
      Anime Dude - Look for me on the chat, username is DraconianStorm

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      Everything happens for a reason. Whose reason?
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      Re: Welcome to Cardiff Anime & Gaming Con 2019 - Say Hello Here!

      Welcome aboard @UnmeiNoTsubasa

      Anymore for anymore?

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