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      Revenge of the LoL Catz (TWG)

      ●●● Revenge of the Lol Catz Game ●●●

      What The Game Is:

      The Cats have worked hard to eliminate the LoL Catz, because Cats are proud creatures they don't want others to laugh at them so they have worked endlessly to murder all LoL Catz that do their best to make others laugh. The Cats pride can't take this great insult to their pride. Now the LoL Catz have become tired of this and beside their numbers have dwindled dangerously low. So the LoL Catz have decided it is time to get Revenge.

      The Revenge of the LoL Catz Game takes place in a city where a small group of LoL Catz are secretly posing as normal Cats. During the night, this ban of LoL Catz claims a poor innocent cat as their victim and prepares them by sealing them in Crystals that'll turn them into LoL cats. During the day, the cats are horror-ridden with what has happened and quickly become suspicious of one another. Each cat is allowed to vote who they think the Lol Cat is. Whoever has the highest number of votes against them is then "lynched" and killed off by the cats. The kicker is because LoL Catz are cats and indistinguishable during the day, they too are allowed to vote. Watching how other cats vote could offer clues as to their identities! Day and Night phases continue to alternate in this manner until all the LoL Catz are killed by the Cats, or the LoL Catz outnumber the Cats in a way which is obvious that the Cats cannot win.

      Rules & How To Play:

      • There is usually (1) LoL Cat per every (4) Cats. In a game of (16), there will be (4) LoL Catz.
      • LoL Catz will know who one another are and thus communicate via PM or Skype which (1) Cat they chose to be their victim in the night phase.
      • Once the LoL Catz decide, they will PM the Game Host their victim, which will be revealed in the game by the host.
      • Cats will not know who the LoL Catz are. Cats must vote in the game thread ONLY. Outside collaboration is not allowed.
      • Once a Cat or LoL Cat is is sealed or murdered they can no longer vote in the game, but they are allowed to interact as "ghosts".
      • Insta-Lynched: In a day phase, if a cat receives at least 51% of the votes (eg: there are 11 players and 6 votes against the same person) Insta-lynch is invoked and that person is automatically lynched.
      • You may change your vote as many times as you like until day phase concludes or insta-lynch is invoked.
      • If a cat misses/does not vote in 2 consecutive day phases, he/she is insta-lynched for inactivity by the game host. All other votes are rendered moot.
      • LoL Catz have up to 48 hours to send the game host their victim. Failure to do so will result in no one being sealed in Crystal in the night phase.
      • As long as at least (1) LoL Cat communicates the victime to the game host, the LoL Catz will not forfeit their night phase if not all the LoL Catz are present to agree on the victim within the time allotted (eg: if only 2 of the 4 LoL Catz have agreed and time is almost up, those 2 can go ahead and PM the game host the LoL Catz target..or whichever LoL Cat/LoL Catz are active at the time).

      Game Players:
      Every person who signs up to play is PM'd a role by the game host. The roles are assigned randomly. Those roles are as follows:

      Every new "day" in the game, the Cats vote to murder the cat they think is a LoL Cat. The LoL Catz also participate in the voting process of the game and are treated as Cats during the day. The Cat who is lynched may not participate in any further voting.

      LoL Catz:
      Every "night" in the game, the LoL Catz choose someone to seal in crystal to turn into an LoL Cat in secret by PM’ing the victim’s name to the game host. There is usually more than one LoL Cat in a game so it is the job of the team to come to a consensus and choose one Cat to seal in a Crystal per night phase. Cats sealed in this way do not become LoL Catz until the Game ends, and if the Cats win they can save those poor cats sealed and prevent them from becoming LoL Catz.

      Cat Seer
      Every night the Cat Seer may try to discover whether another player is a LoL Cat or not by sending the game host a PM with the player's name. The game mod will confirm or deny the suspicion. The seer may reveal his/her role to the Cats in hopes of lynching a LoL Cat, but in turn, risks their own fate as the LoL Catz are sure to seal them the next night phase. If the seer wishes to remain anonymous, he or she may try to get other Cats to go along with who they are voting for. This too can be deceptive as anyone can try this trick. If the LoL Cats seal the seer, the seer can no longer assist the Cats in who the wolves are. This means if they already know they can't share the information any longer.

      Cat Sage
      Every night the Cat Sage may PM the game host a member’s name to save from the clutches of the LoL Cat. Only will a sage can successfully prevent a Cat from becoming sealed if the member chosen to save was also targeted that same night by the LoL Catz. The Sage does not know who the LoL Catz are. The Sage is able to cast a protective barrier around any Cat except for him/herself and prevent them from being sealed but may only protect one Cat each night.

      Cat Assassin
      One night during the game the Cat Assassin can PM the game host with a cat's name to kill in hopes it will be a LoL Cat. The Assassin only gets one shot, so best to make it count!

      Master LoL Cat
      The master LoL Cat is "invisible" to the Cat Seer . For this example, we will say Thederus is the Master LoL Cat. At the beginning of the night phase, the seer may PM the game host with the name "Thederus" and the game host may respond with: "Green" or "cat." However, if the cat chooses to lynch Thederus, his name will show up in red to indicate he was a LoL Cat this whole time!

      HOW TO VOTE:

      • For a vote to count, Cats must put their vote in the following tag: [ vote ] Name Here [ /vote ] (do not include the spaces).
      • The name will appear like this: Name Here and will be counted by the game host.
      Last edited by Lord Myne; 08-03-2019 at 01:35 AM.

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      Re: Revenge of the LoL Catz Signups (TWG)

      Game Host: Tanya

      When will the Game Start:

      Once we have enough players, I'll start this tomorrow around midnight GMT, just over 24 hours.

      Number of players required: 10 to 20 (We have 10)

      @Master of Vvardenfel
      @Pirate TimeLord
      @Naughty Kitty
      Last edited by Lord Myne; 07-20-2019 at 10:31 PM.

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      Beware the Sith
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      Re: Revenge of the LoL Catz Signups (TWG)

      I'll join

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      EZ & EH Moderator
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      Re: Revenge of the LoL Catz Signups (TWG)

      Me too

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      Re: Revenge of the LoL Catz Signups (TWG)

      I've added everyone. Beex was added 'cause Beex asked to be added to every game.

      @Arya , will you be playing?

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      Green Administrator
      I must not break AL, I must not break AL
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      Re: Revenge of the LoL Catz Signups (TWG)

      Ferefire: Arya probably should have the admin powers to give out admin powers
      Pirate Timelord: I mean, Arya is Arya, but not Arya? :: Bert: Help me make sense of this, Timelord.
      Pirate Timelord: They're both now Schrodinger's Arya's' Both accounts both being and not being Arya.

      Yomi: Then again, who could resist sitting on MoV's lap?

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      Re: Revenge of the LoL Catz Signups (TWG)

      Well. I guess I'm playing then D:

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      The Orange Idol~
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      Re: Revenge of the LoL Catz Signups (TWG)

      Stickied this for you
      ~UK Based Idol~
      ~Member of One Wish~
      ~Video Gaming HMod / Chatroom Mod / Cosplay, Arts & Writing Mod / Disney Queen / Ravenclaw Head Girl~
      Feel free to ask me anything!


      Anime-Planet.com - anime | manga | watch anime online

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      Re: Revenge of the LoL Catz Signups (TWG)

      Of course I'm in

      Creative Arts & Writing - You should go here!
      You're so far past the line, You've gone past the Medusa Cascade, through Narnia and landed smack bang in the middle of Mordor. Where you killed the cookie monster, dissected him, then tried to eat him before choking to death on his insides.

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      Re: Revenge of the LoL Catz Signups (TWG)

      Sign me up

      Pirate Timelord: I mean, Arya is Arya, but not Arya? :: Bert: Help me make sense of this, Timelord.
      Pirate Timelord: They're both now Schrodinger's Arya's' Both accounts both being and not being Arya.

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      Re: Revenge of the LoL Catz Signups (TWG)

      @VeryBerry are you in joining this game?

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      Re: Revenge of the LoL Catz Signups (TWG)

      Maybe ?

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