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      Netflix's Neon Genesis Evangelion

      As you may have heard, Netflix managed to secure the worldwide rights to the original Neon Genesis Evangelion - but not Funimation's English Translation of it.

      In it, Rei is referred to as "the First Children" instead of "First Child."

      Which viewers who've watched the series know is probably completely accurate description.

      Shinji and Asuka are the "Second Children" and "Third Children"

      Text remains largely untranslated.

      And the end song is not "Fly me to the Moon" - issues over licencing rights. It's one of the interim music.

      I've just watched the first episode, still the same animation, just new voices reading a slightly different script.

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      Re: Netflix's Neon Genesis Evangelion

      Netflix is just awful at translation in the first place
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      Re: Netflix's Neon Genesis Evangelion

      I think the translation is Netflix' least problem as far as anime is concerned. But it still is a problem.

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      Re: Netflix's Neon Genesis Evangelion

      I i watched it all it was ok but it did not feel as connected to characters as i did with original dubbed version

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      Re: Netflix's Neon Genesis Evangelion

      from what i've heard they cut out kaworu's flirting with shinji

      that kinda kills a whole slew of motivating factors and interests for shinji since he'd never had someone interested in him and always felt cast out

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