Joining our performer lineup this 6-8th September at Alcon Revival (discount tickets available @ ) are award winning Comedians and fan-favourites Jollyboat shall be joining our lineup. Jollyboat are two brothers who write nerdy comedy songs. They describe themselves as being like a geeky Flight of the Conchords, or a younger Paul and Storm. They have performed at Glastonbury among many other festivals, won the UK Musical Comedy Awards, and earlier this year did their first tour of Australia!

The brothers Tommy and Ed recently moved to London and achieved their dream of headlining comedy clubs for a living. Their new dream is to have more fun and enjoy life.

Mixing together comedy, live music, visuals, audience interaction and a little behind-the-scenes programming, Jollyboat put on a show that's not quite like anything you've seen before.

They have songs about classic games, D&D, pirates and Game of Thrones. The last one's especially appropriate because Ed cosplays as Robb Stark.

They're currently taking their new shows Nerdplay and Roleplay Cabaret to Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and absolutely smashing it!

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