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      Summer Forum Events July 1st - August 31st

      Don't be bored this summer - until the end of August, we have over twenty events taking place online on the forums! Here's what's happening right now -

      Happening Right Now..

      - Entrance Hall 2 Truths 1 Lie - Tell us three things about you, but one of them needs to be a lie which everybody else has to try and figure out.
      - ALJ's Summer Photography Journal- Each day there is a different summer theme. Take a photograph of the word or something that relates to it and post in the thread!
      - CA&W's Summer Poetry and Art Contest - Come and join us in writing a poem for the summer months or creating a lovely summer picture!
      - Anime & Manga's Caption Contest - Picture posted daily and all you have to do is write a caption underneath! It can be funny, smart or just weird - see if you win!
      - Video Gaming's Make your own Meme - Ever wanted to make fun of your video game, well now's the time to make fun of it by making a video game meme
      - General Discussion's Wheel of Fortune- Wanna go for a spin on the wheel of fortune? Come play for a chance to win some prizes!
      - Roleplayers' Beach Party - Have some summer fun as you compete in teams to complete challenges in order to win badges and even some AL Points.All skills levels are welcome to join in the fun.
      - Summer Cosplayer of the Month - Show us your summer cosplays! Whether you have had a beach shoot, picnic or just showing off your summer convention cosplay. Come enter for a chance to win AL points and a award!
      - CL's Thread Wars! - The rules are simple! Instead of regular spam wars - this time you will get points for how many THREADS you create!
      EZ's Summer Spectacular Quiz - It's a quiz! Answer questions and be the biggest geek on the forum!

      - (3-4th August): Summer of Forum Events Chatroom Party. Enter the chatroom, chat and listen to the best tunes AL has to offer!

      And Even More..

      Just a few of many events taking place over the next month with more to be announced! Every section, from General Discussion, to AL Journals, to Creative Arts & Writing to ClanNation will have events going on over the summer! Go check out each forum to see what's happening!

      Need a hand getting to grips with the forums? Go signup for a Forum Buddy and read our quick how-to guide HERE.

      PLUS! Meetups & Events Across the UK!

      Of course, if you're more focused on offline activities, we have lots of meetups planned over the next two months across every region of the country. Check them out now HERE.

      And of course, make sure not to miss, Newcastle Anime & Gaming Con this 20-21st July, Cardiff Anime & Gaming Con this 17-18 August, Alcon this 6-8th September and Sheffield Anime & Gaming Con this 5-6 October!
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      Re: Summer Forum Events July 1st - August 31st

      2nd link goes to a role play group
      Gonna check these out to get me more active before the alcon section livens up
      Bleed for me
      Scream for me
      Love and Worship me

      The Era Of Vampires Has Begun

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      Re: Summer Forum Events July 1st - August 31st

      Quote Originally Posted by kirsty050 View Post
      2nd link goes to a role play group
      Gonna check these out to get me more active before the alcon section livens up
      @kirsty050 Here's a link to the photography event Hope you will come join us there

      Thankyou Momogari

      🍒Click to Join the Joestar Clan. 🍒

      Thankyou HentaiSenpai!

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      Re: Summer Forum Events July 1st - August 31st


      This is the link to sign up for the RPN Beach Party Event come join in on the fun

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