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      Everything happens for a reason. Whose reason?
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      The Alcon Clantravaganza - Vampires, Ninjas and Pirates Get Serious This Year!

      As you may be aware, we are seeking to improve every aspect of Alcon for this year to make it the event that you all deserve. This year's Alcon will see several major changes to the clans as we try and revamp how we run the clans and the clan events to involve more people and make it a whole lot more fun!

      So for the first time we can reveal...

      1. The Most Valueable Clan Member Award! As well as there being a winning clan and trophy, the person who wins the most points in total between all the clans will be rewarded with the Most Valueable Clan Member Trophy! They'll also get to take home a free ticket to the next year's Alcon and a 50 cash prize!
      2. Clan Areas Takeover! For the first time, the clans will have a chance to raise their flag and officially take over an area of the event. Video Gaming, Tabletop, Stage and Registrations will each have their own clan points charts. At 4pm each day, we check to see which clan in each area has scored the most points - whereupon they'll own that area for the next 24 hrs (And earn a cool 50 points bonus to that clan's overall score). For the closing ceremony we will then collect the four sets of points sheets together, tally everything up, add on bonuses and the clan showdown victors to work out the overall winner.
      3. Clan 1v1 Versus Battles (not just on stage)! In addition to the clan stage battles, there will be special 1v1 showdown challenges in both the tabletop and video gaming areas. During these challenges, you may at any point ask a member of our team to judge as you and a friend challenge each other from different clans - with the winner getting 5 points. A fun and easy way to quickly earn points for your clan that EVERYONE can participate in!
      4. Crew Member of the Day Every day we will pick the crew member (not counting senior staff or deputies) who did the best job for the event. They will be awarded a bonus to give to their clan of their choice.
      5. Conbook Bingocard Stamping There will be 15 challenges laid out in the conbook to complete. Each time you achieve one of these challenges (could be something as simple as enter a tournament, or get a photo taken with your clan leader), your book will be stamped. 5 stamps equals 5 points, all 15 stamps equals 15 points with a 50 point bonus if you're the first one to get all the stamps.
      6. Clan Assassins, Zombies, Nerf Wars, Pokemon Gym Challenge and more! Following on from last year, we will be giving out clan points for the winners, with some of them including specific clan events (more info to come here) - so even more reason to participate!
      7. Clan Picnics and Meetups - Will also take place, with each clan organising their own meetup once per event to get everyone together as a meet and greet!
      8. Clan Leaders Outfits - Of course, each clan leader will be dressed the part in some way to make them more easier to identify and know who they are.
      9. Clan Minions Cosplay Rewards - Want to dress the part as a ninja, vampire or pirate? Take a photo, post it online, and we will judge the best looking one. The winning clan will get 50 points, with the winner getting a ticket to the next year's event. Make sure to start planning an appropriate cosplay now!
      10. And Finally.. We have even more ideas in the works. Got any suggestions on how we can further improve clans? let us know! Here's to an amazing Alcon Clantravaganza!

      Not Yet Voted for Your Clan Leader? You have till 1st July to do so!

      Go vote now for who you'd like to lead your clan!

      Ninja Leader - Here
      Pirate Leader - Here
      Vampire Leader - Here

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      Re: The Alcon Clantravaganza - Vampires, Ninjas and Pirates Get Serious This Year!

      All sounds awesome ^-^
      Love the versus part as I’m not usually great at games for tournaments but can play against people randomly and still earn points plus I love tabletop games and not had the chance to win points there before
      Also looking forward to the bingo, always took part in the photo hunts so kinda similar, where do we go to show a full card though? If only the 1st person gets extra points then need to know who to show

      I’m thinking for the picnic all clans at the same time would be cool then we can do some games as picnic activity’s and to get more points lol
      Just need to see what’s on the timetable n see when is best if ppl wanna do that
      Bleed for me
      Scream for me
      Love and Worship me

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