So! Perhaps you're considering going but -

1. You're unsure due to not knowing anyone beforehand as you're new?
2. Or maybe you already know people, but would love to get to know more people?
3. Or perhaps you already know lots of people, but you love meeting new people and you want to lend the newbies a hand and show them the ropes in advance of the event?

We run community-driven events, so we believe in encouraging people to make friends before and after the event, not just during. That is why we run a very active forum all year round, so people can continue to have fun even when the event is done.

So! We present to you..

The Icebreaker.

We will be making a number of topics matching groups of 7-8 of you up together. Thereafter you post, get to know each other beforehand and generally make friends!

At the end you can agree to meet up at the event and hang out together - convention friends made!

Very simple!

So, if you want to signup for that, simply post here saying "I'm In". We will then send you a PM/email on here once we start.

Signups Close and we start Wednesday 19th at just after 8pm

For Those Who Can't Wait, there's other things to do...

In the meantime, if you're looking for other ways to get to know people, why not check out the Chatroom or the forums as a whole?