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      Re: [ROMANTIC RP] The Hotel of the Lonely Hearts (All Welcomed)

      Quote Originally Posted by Haruka View Post
      Tessa blushes a little as he gets close and touches her hair.

      "I'm looking forward to seeing how this goes as well."

      Tessa finishes her dry martini and sets the glass down on the table.

      "It's about time I head to my room so I have time to shower and to get ready for our dancing date," she giggles as she winks at Polin.
      Polin cracks a devilish grin and then goes back to his drink continues drink his white wine. In his mind' I'm going make her dance a lot for me. After a few minutes he's done and motions a staff member so he can pay their bill.

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      Re: [ROMANTIC RP] The Hotel of the Lonely Hearts (All Welcomed)

      "I'll see you soon Polin," Tessa winks at him as she departs for her room.

      When she arrives in her room, she immediately goes and takes a nice long shower. Once her shower was done, she had to decide what she wanted to wear for the dancing. She had packed some clothes that her father would never allowed her to wear. She puts on a neon blue dress that didn't leave much to the imagination. She wanted to go full on sexy for this dancing date with Polin.

      Tessa arrived at the ballroom about ten minutes before 19:00 and waits for Polin to arrive.

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      Re: [ROMANTIC RP] The Hotel of the Lonely Hearts (All Welcomed)

      OOC: Lol i'll work the post as a mini ff so it can link to yours

      IC: It had not taken him that long to prepare for the dance date, he comes down in dark silver and white dance suit and looks around quickly before his attention was dragged to her and her dress and he says" Wow if I was a virgin or a wild beast I probably would be having a nose bleed right now, lucky for me I do not have that problem". He goes silent thinking' It's key to be all warmed up before the main dance but at the same time I don't want to be too slow because that would be boring'. He then gets an idea and says" I was just thinking to avoid injuries we should warm up a lot of people do body warmer exercises as they dance somewhat to get a rhythm, we then can pick a dance of a slightly faster pace after we have warmed up and then go from there once we are fully ready".
      By Nethack

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      Re: [ROMANTIC RP] The Hotel of the Lonely Hearts (All Welcomed)

      Tessa's eyes lock onto Polin as soon as he enters the ballroom. She blushes when he casually mentions he's not a virgin. She wasn't accustomed to men who would even mention that around a lady....but of course here, she wasn't a lady, she was plain ole Tessa.

      "Sounds good. What body warmer exercises would you suggest we do?"

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      Re: [ROMANTIC RP] The Hotel of the Lonely Hearts (All Welcomed)

      Chrissy finished her drink and quickly waved the bartender over to order another one.When she received it she took a sip as her phone vibrated twice.

      Who is texting me now.. she thought to herself.

      She reached for her phone and read the text.Her family of course.She ignored the text and returned her phone back into her pocket and continued to drink her drink.

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